Generating of agricultural wastes and by-products during the production, processing and consumption of agricultural commodities is unavoidable and over the last decades, an increased public interest has been shown in the challenge of food wastage. Apart from its significant quantities, the physicochemical characteristics of the various agricultural waste and by-products denote that there is immense potential for their reuse, recycle, and valorisation through various different processes.

Green Extraction and Valorization of By-Products from Food Processing provides an overview about the valorization or reuse of agricultural wastes and by-products during the production, processing and consumption of agricultural commodities. Waste disposal and by-product management in food processing industry pose problems in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. However, they could be a great source of valuable nutraceuticals, which can be used to deal with the prospects of feeding fast growing population in 21st century.


  • Gives detailed guidance and presents case-studies about valorization of food wastes and by-products
  • Shows the main conventional and innovative extraction techniques for food waste and by-products valorization

  • Provides an estimated idea regarding the recovery of high-added value compounds
  • Discusses the recovery of high-added value compounds

Perspectives originated from the enormous amounts of food related materials that are discharged worldwide and the existing technologies, which promise the recovery, recycling and sustainability of high-added value ingredients inside food chain will be discussed in this book. This book is of value to academics, research institutes, and food industry engineers particularly the research and development professionals who are looking for effective management and utilization of food processing wastes and byproducts. In addition, it is suitable for undergraduate, post- graduate students, research scholars, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members from universities and colleges who pursue academic careers in Food Technology, Food Biotechnology, Fermentation and Bioengineering, Bioprocess Technology, Food science and Technology.

chapter 1|22 pages

Green Extraction

ByMartina Pérez-Serrano, Tomás Landete-Castillejos, Luis Roca-Pérez, Mladen Brnčić, Suzana Rimac-Brnčić, Jose M. Lorenzo, Francisco J. Marti-Quijal, Francisco J. Barba

chapter 2|32 pages

Dairy By-Products as Source of High Added Value Compounds

Conventional and Innovative Extraction Methods
ByNoemí Echegaray, Juan A. Centeno, Javier Carballo

chapter 3|36 pages

Extraction of Valuable Compounds from Meat By-Products

ByMirian Pateiro, Paula Borrajo, Rubén Domínguez, Paulo E.S. Munekata, Jose M. Lorenzo, Paulo Cezar Bastianello Campagnol, Igor Tomasevic, Francisco J. Barba

chapter 4|50 pages

Tailor-Made Process to Recover High Added Value Compounds from Fishery By-Products

ByJosé Antonio Vázquez, Ana I. Durán, Araceli Menduíña, Margarita Nogueira, Javier Fraguas, Jesús Mirón, Jesús Valcárcel

chapter 5|12 pages

Recovery of Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds from Sweet Potato and By-Products

ByZhenzhou Zhu, Fang Wang, Elena Roselló-Soto, Francisco J. Martí-Quijal, Francisco J. Barba, Kashif Ghafoor, José M. Lorenzo, Cyrielle Garcia, Fabienne Remize

chapter 6|34 pages

Valuable Compounds Extraction from Cereal Waste and By-Products

ByManuel Viuda-Martos, Juana Fernández-López, José Angel Pérez-Álvarez

chapter 7|14 pages

Reuse of Tiger Nuts By-Products

Food Formulation, Clean Recovery of Oil and Bioactive Compounds, and Evaluation of the Cytotoxicity of the Oils
ByElena Roselló-Soto Francisco J. Barba, Francisco J. Martí-Quijal, Maria G. Daskalaki, José M. Lorenzo, Cyrielle Garcia, Fabienne Remize

chapter 8|14 pages

Green Extraction of Nutritional and Antioxidant Valuable Compounds from Wine By-Products

ByFrancisco J. Barba, Belén Gómez, Gabriela I. Denoya, Mladen Brnčić, Suzana Rimac-Brnčić, Jose M. Lorenzo, Andrés Moreno

chapter 9|28 pages

Valorization of Olive Oil and Oilseed By-Products through Green Extraction Techniques

BySonia Barba-Orellana, Elena Roselló-Soto, Paulo E.S. Munekata, José M. Lorenzo, Kashif Ghafoor, Cátia Dourado, Jorge A. Saraiva, Francisco J. Barba

chapter 10|34 pages

Research, Development, and Innovation in Dairy and Meat-Based Foods Using Valued Added Compound Obtained from Mediterranean Fruit By-Products

ByJosé Angel Pérez-Alvarez, Manuel Viuda-Martos, Juana Fernández-López

chapter 11|16 pages

Valuable Compounds in Coffee By-Products

ByPatricia Esquivel, Víctor M. Jiménez

chapter 12|22 pages

Extraction of Valuable Compounds from Leaf Vegetables By-Products

ByJoão Carlos Martins Barreira, Isabel Cristina Fernandes Rodrigues Ferreira

chapter 13|24 pages

Valuable Compounds in Algae

ByLars Leonhardt, Julian Witt, Stefan Toepfl, Harald Rohm, Oleksii Parniakov