This new book on the sustainable management of insect pests in important vegetables offers valuable management strategies in detail. It focuses on eco-friendly technology and approaches to mitigating the damage caused by insect pests with special reference to newer insecticides. Chapters in the volume provide an introduction to vegetable entomology and go on to present a plethora of research on sustainable eco-friendly pest management strategies for root vegetables, spice crops, tuber crops, and more.

Vegetable crops that are infested by several insect pests from the nursery to the harvesting stage cause enormous crop losses. Given that it is estimated that up to 40 percent of global crops are lost to agricultural pests each year, new research on effective management strategies is vital. The valuable information provided in this book will be very helpful for faculty and advanced-level students, scientists and researchers, policymakers, and others involved in pest management for vegetable crops.

1. Introduction  2. Eco-Friendly Pest Management Strategies for Root Vegetable Crops  3. Insect Pest of Ginger and Turmeric and Their Management  4. Insect Pests of Cumin and Their Management  5. Insect Pests of Cucurbitaceous Vegetables Crops  6. Phytophagous Mites of Vegetable Crops and Their Management  7. Mite Problems in Spice Crops and Their Management  8. Pesticide Residues in Vegetables  9. Insect Pests of Tomato and Their Management  10. Insect of Tuber Crop and Their Management  11. Problem of Snails and Slugs in Vegetable Crops and Their Management