Papers from an October 2002 symposium describe research in areas including algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer networks, databases, evolutionary computation, graph theory, image processing, multimedia technology, software engineering, and software performance engineering

part |22 pages

Plenary Talks

chapter |5 pages

Gradient-Based Learning and Optimization

ByXi-Ren Cao

chapter |4 pages

Stochastic Fluid Models for Communication Networks

ByChristos G. Cassandras

chapter |5 pages

Static scheduling strategies for heterogeneous systems

ByO. Beaumont, A. Legrand, Y. Robert

part Session 1-1|23 pages

Advanced Networking Hardware

chapter |6 pages

Towards 10-100 Gbps Cryptographic Architectures 1

ByKhary Alexander, Ramesh Karri, Igor Minkin, Kaijie Wu, Piyush Mishra, Xuan Li

chapter |5 pages

Splintering TCP*

ByPatricia Gilfeather, Arthur B. Maccabe

chapter |5 pages

Network Processors: Origin of Species

ByNiraj Shah, Kurt Keutzer

part Session 1-2|22 pages

Multimedia Technology

chapter |5 pages

Automatic Generation of Motion Activity Descriptors in Video Sequences

ByJung Hwan Oh, Vasavi Gavimeni

chapter |5 pages

ETCP: An Efficacy-oriented Transport Protocol for Point-to-Point Connections

BySimon Sheu, Sang-Fong Chien, Ping-Yi Lin

chapter |5 pages

Buffer Management for Periodic Broadcast Servers*

ByWallapak Tavanapong, Minh Tran

chapter |5 pages

A Formal Treatment of the Sampling-based Approach to Managing Image Databases

ByKhanh Vu, Kien A. Hua, S.D. Lang

part Session 1-3|22 pages

Image Processing I

chapter |5 pages

Measuring Female Facial Beauty by Calculating the Proportions of the Face

ByHatice Gunes, M. Yahya Karsligil

chapter |5 pages

Appearance Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Models from Real Images*

ByUlas Yilmaz, Adem Y. Mülayim, Volkan Atalay

chapter |5 pages

Texture Segmentation by Using Adaptive Polyphase Subband Decomposition

ByMustafa Yaman, Volkan Atalay, Enis ×etin, Mustafa Türker, Öner Nezih Gerek

part Session 2-1|22 pages

Computer Networks I

chapter |5 pages

A Parallel Algorithm for Global Optimisation and Semi-Infinite Programming

ByS. Asprey, B. Rustem, S. Žaković

chapter |5 pages

Packet Selection in a Deflection Routing Algorithm

ByA. Borrero, J.M. Fourneau, F. Quessette

chapter |5 pages

Geometrically batched networks

ByPeter Harrison, David Thornley, Harf Zatschler

part Session 2-2|22 pages


chapter |5 pages

An Experimental Evaluation of Modified Algorithms for the Graph Partitioning Problem

ByJurij Šilc, Peter Korosec, Borut Robič

chapter |5 pages

Bottleneck Perfect Domination on Some Classes of Graphs

ByWilliam Chung-Kung Yen

chapter |5 pages

Concept of and Experiments on Combining Compression with Encryption

ByMehmet Emin Dalkilic, Ebru Celikel

part Session 2-3|22 pages

Computer Graphics

chapter |5 pages

Honeycomb Subdivision

ByErgun Akleman, Vinod Srinivasan

chapter |5 pages

Interactive Deformation with Triangles

ByJames Dean Palmer, Ergun Akleman, Jianer Chen

chapter |5 pages

Marker Mapping Techniques for Augmented Reality Visualization

ByFelix G. Hamza-Lup, Larry Davis, Charles Hughes, Jannick P. Rolland

part Session 3-1|22 pages

Coding and Wireless Communication

chapter |5 pages

Resource Allocation for an Enterprise Mobile Services Platform

ByMatti Hiltunen, Rittwik Jana, Yih-Fam Chen

chapter |5 pages

Wireless MAC Protocols Supporting Real-time Services in Wireless LANs*

ByYounggoo Kwon, Yuguang Fang, Haniph Latchman

chapter |5 pages

The Role of Error Control Coding in Joint Detection CDMA

ByChristian Schlegel

chapter |5 pages

Sensitivity to Timing Errors in EGC and MRC Techniques

ByYunjing Yin, John P. Fonseka, Israel Korn

part Session 3-2|23 pages

Artificial Intelligence

chapter |6 pages

Visualizing Transition Diagrams of Action Language Programs

ByÖzean Koç, Ferda N. Alpaslan, Nihan K. Qigekli

chapter |5 pages

Turkish Natural Language Interface: Cevapver

ByZeynep Altan, Dogai Acar

chapter |5 pages

A Machine Translation System Between a Pair of Closely Related Languages

ByKemal Altintas, Ilyas Cicekli

chapter |5 pages

An Intelligent System Dealing with Nuanced Information

ByMazen El-Sayed, Daniel Pacholczyk

part Session 3-3|22 pages

Image Processing II

chapter |5 pages

Robust Rotation Estimation From Three Orthogonally-Oriented Cameras

BySuneil Sastri, Raymond Kwong

chapter |5 pages

Computer Vision Based Unistroke Keyboards

ByAykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem, Atalay Volkan, A. Cetin Enis

chapter |5 pages

Biometrie Security System Design Using Keystroke Rhythms Algorith

ByAykut Guven, Ibrahim Sogukpinar

part Session 4-1|22 pages

Evolutionary Computation

chapter |5 pages

Mixing of Building Blocks and Single-Point Crossover

ByKumara Sastry, David E. Goldberg

chapter |5 pages

Solution Stability in Evolutionary Computation*

ByTerence Soule, Robert B. Heckendorn, Jian Shen

part Session 4-2|22 pages

Computer Networks II

chapter |5 pages

Control of Lightpaths in Heterogeneous Optical Networks

ByJing Wu, Hussein T. Mouftah

chapter |5 pages

The Link-Orientation Problem on Several Practical Networks

ByW. Chung-Kung Yen, Shin-Jer Yang

chapter |5 pages

Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Driving

ByAlina Bejan, Ramon Lawrence

chapter |5 pages

Fairness in Differentiated Services Architecture

ByErhan Asim Ozturk, Cuneyt F. Bazlamacci

part Session 4-3|22 pages


chapter |5 pages

Exploiting Semantic Constraints in a Database Browser

ByJie Zhang, David L. Spooner

chapter |5 pages

Dispatching Java agents to user for data extraction from third party web sites

ByDmitriy Beryoza, Naphtali Rishe, Andrei Selivonenko, Alejandro Roque, Ian De Felipe

chapter |5 pages

Cortex-Based Mechanism For Discovery of High-Order Features

ByOlcay Kursun, Oleg Favorov

part Session 5-1|22 pages

Graph Theory

chapter |5 pages

Maximum Alliance-Free and Minimum Alliance-Cover Sets

ByKhurram H. Shafique, Ronald D. Dutton

chapter |5 pages

Offensive Alliances in Graphs

ByOdile Favaron, Gerd Fricke, Wayne Goddard*, Sandra M. Hedetniemi, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Petter Kristiansen, Renu C. Laskar, Duane Skaggs

chapter |5 pages

Global Defensive Alliances

ByTeresa W. Haynes, Stephen T. Hedetniemi, Michael A. Henning

chapter |5 pages

Introduction to Alliances in Graphs

ByPetter Kristiansen, Sandra M. Hedetniemi, Stephen T. Hedetniemi

part Session 5-2|24 pages

Computer Networks III

chapter |6 pages

Case-Based Agents for Packet-Level Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks

ByR. Guha, O. Kachirski, D.G. Schwartz, S. Stoecklin, E. Yilmaz

chapter |6 pages

A Routing Solution for a Global, Space-based Multimedia System

ByM. Guizani, I. G. Schneller

chapter |5 pages

Dynamic Shortest Path Routing in 2-circulants

ByTomaž Dobravec, Borut Robič, Boštjan Vilfan

part Session 5-3|22 pages

Software Engineering

chapter |5 pages

‘Net-Class’, A Multilingual Web based Learning Management Tool

BySeren Başaran, Neşe Yalabik, Ümit Kiziloğlu

chapter |5 pages

A Mathematical Formalism for Specifying Design Patterns

ByDenver R. E. Williams, Charles E. Hughes, Ali Orooji

part Session 6-1|23 pages

New Issues in Networking

chapter |6 pages

A New Wireless Architecture for QoS, Security and Mobility

ByHakima Chaouchi, Guy Pujolle

chapter |5 pages

Bandwidth Allocation in Bluetooth Scatternets

ByUlf Körner, Niklas Johansson

chapter |5 pages

Mobility and Multicast: Protocol Design and Analysis

ByRolland Vida, Luis H. M. K. Costa, Serge Fdida

chapter |5 pages

Performance Modeling of an Edge Optical Burst Switching Node

ByLisong Xu, Harry G. Perros, George N. Rouskas

part Session 6-2|20 pages

Web-Based Simulation

chapter |5 pages

Educational Application of an Online Context Sensitive Speech Dictionary

ByG. Bengu, Guangyu Liu, Ritesh Adval, Frank Shih

chapter |4 pages

Evaluation of the Adaptivity of a Continuous Review Inventory Control Model

ByAslı Sencer Erdem, Nuri Başoğlu

part Session 6-3|22 pages

Software Performance Engineering

chapter |5 pages

Performance Engineering based on UML & SPN's: A software performance tool*

ByJuan Pablo López-Grao, José Merseguer, Javier Campos

chapter |5 pages

Extending MASCOT to a Component-based Software Performance Engineering Methodology

ByOnofre Munar, Carlos Juiz, Ramon Puigjaner