The theme of conference is Emerging Technologies for Sustainability. Sustainability tends to be problem driven and oriented towards guiding decision making. The goal is to raise the global standard of living without increasing the use of resources beyond global sustainable levels. The conference is intended to act as a platform for researchers to share and gain knowledge, showcase their research findings and propose new solutions in policy formulation, design, processing and application of green materials, material selection, analysis, green manufacturing, testing and synthesis, thereby contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world.

chapter 1|10 pages

Water Purification using Natural Filter Media

ByAdawn Babu Joseph, Anitta Jose, Bijilymol Babu, Anandhan Mohan, Aneeta Sam

chapter 2|7 pages

Study on the Effect of Hydrogel on Plant Growth

ByAlvin Joseph, Amitha Anna George, Anu Prakash, M. J. Ashika Gowri, Mini Mathew

chapter 3|14 pages

Experimental Analysis on the Characteristics of Geopolymer Brick using Bentonite as Additive

ByShimol Philip, Lenin Babu, Aswani Babu

chapter 4|8 pages

Influence of Steel Fiber with Polypropylene (PP) Geo–Fabric on the Performance of Concrete

ByK. S. Sreekeshava, A. S. Arunkumar, C. R. Ganesh, Manish S Dharek, Prashanth Sunagar

chapter 5|10 pages

Automated Pothole Sealer

ByAmal Chandra, Alen Mathew, Alfi Ann, V Anagha, Jithin Kurian

chapter 6|6 pages

Investigations on Compressive Strength, Internal Structure and Composition of Concrete Casted and Cured using Marine Water

ByJanhavi Desai, K. S. Sreekeshava, R. Chandana, G. Jeevan, Bheemsen Gogi

chapter 7|6 pages

Characteristics of Green Concrete with Perlite as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate

ByBasil Baby, Serin Sara Roy, Emmanuel Jose

chapter 8|6 pages

Strength and Elastic Properties of Grouted Reinforced Hollow Concrete Block Masonry Prisms

ByManish S. Dharek, S. Raghunath, C. P. Ashwin

chapter 9|6 pages

Effect of Micro crystalline Cellulose on the Pervious Concrete Properties

ByTessy Joseph, Mini Mathew

chapter 10|8 pages

Combined Influence of Glass Powder and Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Properties of Concrete

ByAlina K. Simon, Jiss Abraham

chapter 11|7 pages

Sustainable Bricks Using Flood Plain Soil

ByGrace Mary Abraham, Anupa Tomy, Aparna Narayanan, Bini Babu, A. V. Gopika

chapter 12|8 pages

Experimental Study on GGBS and Brick Aggregate in Concrete using Packing Density Method

ByAnu Thomas, C. S. Belarmin Xavier

chapter 13|7 pages

The Effectiveness of Shrinkage Reducing Admixture and Fly Ash on Plastic Shrinkage of Concrete

ByJerison Scariah James, Elson John

chapter 14|8 pages

Pervious Concrete Water Filter

ByJilna Geo, Keerthy Ashok, S. Sankar, Sminu Joy, Mini Mathew, Dila John

chapter 16|7 pages

Recycled Ceramic Waste and Bottom Ash in Concrete: A Mechanical Behavior Study

ByBennet Jose Mathew, Geno Philips Mathew

chapter 17|8 pages

Problems In a Water Distribution Network – A Case Study

ByAnitta Maria Siby, Ayana R. Nair, Diya Denny, Paul Antony, M. Dhileep, Sunith John David

chapter 18|8 pages

Simulation of Flow for the Coastal Aquifer of Pavanje River Basin using mSim Toolbox in MATLAB Environment

BySruthi S. Kumar, Amai Mahesha, Surajit Deb Barma

chapter 19|4 pages

Composting of Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge using Trichoderma as an Activator

ByJommy Merlin, Salu P. Ramachandran, Sruthy Sunny, Mini Mathew

chapter 20|7 pages

A Comparative Study on Scour Depth Analysis Around Bridge Piers on Different Soils

ByAhiya Elizebeth Joy, Arya Shaji, K. V. Ashish, P. S. Muhammed Aslam, Sunith John David

chapter 22|7 pages

Barriers Affecting Adoption of Green Building

ByTaniya Thomas, Grace Mary Abraham

chapter 23|9 pages

Sensors to Ensure the Sustainability of Structures

ByJ. Deepthi, C. S. Belarmin Xavier

chapter 24|6 pages

Application of QFD for Disposal of WEEE

ByP.C. Thomas

chapter 26|11 pages

Smart Shopping Robot for Supermarkets using Dijkstra’s Algorithm with user Interface

ByStevens Johnson, V.M. Midhun, Nithin Issac, Ann Mariya Mathew, Shinosh Mathew

chapter 27|7 pages

Dual Band CPW Fed Antenna with Reduced SAR Rate by Embedding Comb Shaped EBG

ByRoshni K. Rajan, V.R. Reshma, Mithu Mariam Cherian, Dana Mariam Jacob, K. A. Ansal

chapter 28|5 pages

Performance Assessment of Patch Antenna Based on SAR

ByKripa Balan, Midhun Joy, Ria Maria George

chapter 30|6 pages

Speak Out: Turns Your Smartphone into a Microphone

ByAjima Saseendran, Akshitha Lakshmi, Aleena Jose, Gouri Gopan, Shiney Thomas

chapter 31|9 pages

Development of an Inductive Wireless Charging Scheme for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles

ByJoel Samuel, Alen Thomas Kurian, Mathews Philip Venattu, Daru Anna Thomas

chapter 32|12 pages

Power Management Strategy to Enhance Drive Range of Electric Bicycle

ByG. S. Anilkumar, T. Rajeev, J. S. Savier

chapter 33|7 pages

Human Health Monitoring System using Internet of Wearable Things

ByBijin Elsa Baby, Sandeep B. Kadam, A. Aravindhan

chapter 35|7 pages

Waveform Length Based Reliability Analysis for the Detection of Murmur from PCG Records

ByP. Careena, M. Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha, P. Arun

chapter 36|6 pages

Classification of De-noised ECG Signal to Monitor Stability of Heart

ByTherese Yamuna Mahesh, Jerin Reji, K. V. Akil, Angel Paulson, N. Anjana, Arunima Lal

chapter 37|12 pages

Enhancing Power Quality with an Improved Dynamic Voltage Restorer

ByA. Thasneem, Thasneem Noohu

chapter 38|10 pages

Coordinated Control of PSS and SSSC using PSO to Improve Power System Stability

ByE. K. Bindumol, V. Mini, Navami Chandran

chapter 39|9 pages

Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm based Small Signal Stability Improvement of a Two-Area Power System incorporated with AVR and PSS

ByV. S. Aswathi, M. J. Laly, Abraham T. Mathew, Elizabeth P. Cheriyan

chapter 40|6 pages

Fabrication of Supercapacitor Electrodes using Reduced Graphene Oxide/Polyaniline Composite

ByJakson K. Manjally, Georgekutty James, Joseph Thomas, Maria K. Shine, Divya George

chapter 41|10 pages

Advanced SOC Estimation of Lead-Acid Battery for HEM Application

BySaira Philip, Liss Abraham Maret, Heinz Varghese Maymana, Herma Mariam Jacob, Shameer Asharaf, Rani Chacko

chapter 42|8 pages

Digital Energy Meter with DSM Capabilities

BySachu Philip, Ebin Mathews, Abin Dani, V. Reshmi, Renoy Xavier

chapter 43|10 pages

Energy Audit and Management of a College

ByLibina Rose Sebastian, Athul Thomas, Ajay Sasi, Joffie Jacob, Fenny Varghese

chapter 44|14 pages

Non-Isolated Three Port Converter with Single Stage Conversion for Stand-alone PV System using FPGA for ELVDC Applications

ByAlen Joseph, Justin Varghese Varkey, Anju Joseph, Akhil Sony, S. Arun

chapter 46|6 pages

Skin Cancer Detection using Imagery Techniques

ByJose J. Edathala, Vishnupriya Mohanan

chapter 47|7 pages

High Security for Bank Locker using Facial Recognition

ByTherese Yamuna Mahesh, Diya Achu Pradeep, Renuka Pradeep, K. S. Silpa, Sreyas Dileep

chapter 48|7 pages

Automatic Detection of Brain Tumor using NSR Filter and K-means Clustering

ByP. Athira, Therese Yamuna Mahesh

chapter 49|7 pages

Face Cybernetics

ByM. K. Athira, P. Darsana

chapter 50|8 pages

Performance Evaluation of Single Layer and Multi Layer Graphene Sheet Transistors

ByBabitha Babu, D. Godwinraj

chapter 51|7 pages

Traffic Sign Detection and Vehicle Monitoring

ByAbel Simon, Aiswarya Mary Babu, S. Ananthakrishnan

chapter 52|8 pages

Continuous Authentication of Smartphone by Swiping

ByPraveen Prasannan, Christy James Jose

chapter 54|8 pages

Bullwhip Effect Quantification in a Supply Chain under Periodic Review Inventory Policies

ByJoby George, Pillai V. Madhusudanan

chapter 55|6 pages

Feed Rate Based Classification of Machined Parts using Convolutional Neural Network

BySurej Kulangara Abraham, Jaimon Cletus, Soman G. Sreelekshmi

chapter 56|6 pages

Quality Prediction of Friction Welded Joint by Machine Vision System Based Approach

BySoman G. Sreelekshmi, Baiju Sasidharan, Surej Kulangara Abraham

chapter 57|6 pages

Trajectory Planning in Autonomous Vehicles using GPS and Digital Compass

BySidharth Prasanna Kumar

chapter 58|7 pages

Intra Coding of Plenoptic Images in HEVC

ByAshlin George Mathew, Anu Abraham Mathew

chapter 60|4 pages

Instability Analysis of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Subjected to the In-Plane Loading

ByPrashant Sunagar, Aravind Bhashyam, Manishh S. Dharek, K. S. Sreekeshava, K. Rakshith

chapter 61|10 pages

Machinability Analysis and Optimization of A17075 based B4C, Graphene and CNT Hybrid Composites

ByJ. P. Ajithkumar, Xavior M. Anthony

chapter 62|6 pages

Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) on the Microstructure and Hardness of Aluminum 7075 Alloy

ByS. Harikrishnan, Emil Baby, Abu Sakkir Hussain, Ansif K. Nazar, George Sebastian

chapter 63|4 pages

State of the Art in the Die Sinking EDM Processes of Electrically Conductive Ceramics

ByMathew J. Joseph, M. Uthayakumar, Alvin Skaria Sajan, Amal Sajan, Arun Benny, S. Ashwin T.

chapter 64|8 pages

Fabrication and Experimentation of a Bio Inspired Armor Plate Subjected to High Velocity Ballistic Impact

ByKevin Cyrus Vincent, Nithin Philip, Tonymon K. Tomy, Alex A. Varghese, Tenny Thomas, George Raphel

chapter 66|7 pages

Investigation of 3D Printed Objects by Varying Process Timing

ByEmil Joy, Donnie Simon, Alen Koshy Thomas, Azhar Ali, K. Jessy

chapter 67|5 pages

Dissimilar Metal Inert Gas Welding Characterization of Aluminum and Copper using Zinc Interlayer

BySherin Thampi, Alan K. Joy, Albin Varghese, Anoop Raj, Alen Mathew, Merrin John Varkey, Krishna P. Yagati

chapter 68|7 pages

Optimization of TIG Welding Influenced by Nb+Ta Based Filler Wire for Ferritic Stainless Steel

ByParesh Mandal, K. S. Asutosh, Joyal James, M. S. Harikrisnan

chapter 69|6 pages

Gas Metal Arc Weld-Brazing of Aluminum to Copper using Tin Interlayer

ByMerrin Varkey, Josme Maria Jose, Steffi Sebi Joseph, Abin Antony, Charles Baburaj, Sherin Thampi, Krishna Priya Yagati

chapter 70|5 pages

Corrosion Inhibition in Maraging Steel: A Review

ByBetsy Devasia, Rose J. Mattathil, K. Sreekumar

chapter 71|11 pages

A Review on Internally Cooled Smart Cutting Tools

ByNixon Poulose

chapter 73|7 pages

A Review on Performance, Vibration, Wear and Effect on Soil of Tillage Implements

ByRejosh Cherian Philip, Richin K. Philip, V. Sreerag

chapter 74|4 pages

Design and Development of Gender Friendly Pepper Plucker Cum Berry Separator

ByV. Sreerag, Richin K. Philip, Rejosh Cherian Philip

chapter 75|6 pages

Study on Mobility Pattern of Older People: A Case Study of Chennai

ByVignesh Dhurai, S. Lakshimi

chapter 76|7 pages

Design and Fabrication of a Fully Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Module with Microfiber Brush

ByR. Rahul, Ronald Raphel, C. P. Ignasious, Joel Ignatius, Richu Zachariah

chapter 77|4 pages

Air Purifier for Hospital Wards

ByBibin Saji, Jolly K. Jerrit, S. K. Bharath, George Sebastian, Mathew J. Joseph

chapter 78|7 pages

An Experimental Investigation of Aquatic Propulsion using Undulating Fins

ByAlbin Sunny, Allen Issac, Alfred Biju, Jerry Babu, George Sebastian

chapter 79|6 pages

Design and Development of Rope & Net Assisted Papaya Plucker

ByAbi Varghese, Jippu Jacob

chapter 80|7 pages

Design and Fabrication of Modified Black Soldier Fly Compost Bin

ByKiran George, Kevin John Kuruvilla, Rahul George Rajeev, Nandu Jayan, Richu Zachariah

chapter 81|10 pages

Analysis of Speed, Yaw Angle and Angle of Attack on a Vehicle using Wind Tunnel Testing

ByAbhiram Vinaya Suresh Babu

chapter 82|8 pages

Recent Developments in Flax Fiber Reinforced Composites and its Applications

ByHunize C. V. Muhammed, M. A. Joseph, Vishnu Prasad

chapter 83|6 pages

Property Evaluation of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite

ByS. Venkatesan, Xavior M. Anthony

chapter 84|6 pages

Recycled HDPE Composites

ByB. Abhijith, Abin John, Abin Manichan Aloysious, George Joseph, Rakesh Jose

chapter 85|8 pages

Development and Evaluation of Pulp Based Board from Water Hyacinth

ByTony Varghese, Niveditha Prabhu, Meera Madhusudhan, Susmi Maria, Reema Thomas, Jiss Abraham

chapter 86|6 pages

Investigations on Characteristics of Composites Reinforced with Plantain Fibers

ByMuhammad Naseef, P.V. Umeshkumar, Tom Jose, Vipin Kumar, Vishal Mathai

chapter 87|6 pages

Investigation on the Effect of Flexural, Flammability and Acoustic Properties on Human Hair Reinforced Epoxy Composites

ByJintu Thomas, Joel James, John Bosco Gomes, Tharun Thomas, K. Jessy, Vishal John Mathai

chapter 88|8 pages

Improving Efficiency of Solar Panel by Titanium Dioxide Coating

ByAkhil A. Nair, Aravind R. Pillai, Alen Mathew Paul, Jerin James, R. Jayakrishnan

chapter 90|6 pages

Solar Peltier Refrigeration System

ByK. P. Ashokan, Amal Kuriyan, Stephin Thankachan, P. J. Thomaskutty, Rakesh Jose