Animal products are good source of disposable income for many small farmers in developing countries. In fact, livestock are often the most important cash crop in many small holder mixed farming systems. Livestock ownership currently supports and sustains the livelihoods of rural poor, who depend partially or fully on livestock for their income and/or subsistence. Human population growth, increasing urbanization and rising incomes are predicted to double the demand for, and production of, livestock products in the developing countries over the next twenty years. The future holds great opportunities for animal production in developing countries.

Animal Sourced Foods for Developing Economies addresses five major issues: 1) Food safety and nutritional status in developing world; 2) the contribution of animal origin foods in human health; 3) Production processes of animal foods along with their preservation strategies; 4) functional outcomes of animal derived foods; and finally, 5) strategies, issues and polices to promote animal origin food consumption.

Animal sourced food contain high biological value protein and important micronutrients required for optimal body functioning but are regarded as sources of fat that contribute to the intake of total and saturated fatty acids in diet. The quality of protein source has a direct influence on protein digestibility, as a greater proportion of higher quality proteins is absorbed and becomes available for bodily functions. Animal foods has high quantity and quality of protein that includes a full complement of the essential amino acids in the right proportion.

Land availability limits the expansion of livestock numbers in extensive production systems in most regions, and the bulk of the increase in livestock production will come from increased productivity through intensification and a wider adoption of existing and new production and marketing technologies. The significant changes in the global consumption and demand for animal source foods, along with increasing pressures on resources, are having some important implications for the principal production systems.

In this book, contributors critically analyze and describe different aspects of animal’s origin foods. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific type of food from animal source, its nutritional significance, preservation techniques, processed products, safety and quality aspects on conceptual framework. Special attention is given to explain current food safety scenario in developing countries and contribution of animal derived food in their dietary intake. Existing challenges regarding production, processing and promotion of animal’s origin foods are also addressed with possible solutions and strengthening approaches.


chapter 1|19 pages

The Role of Food Security and Nutrition to Meet Consumers’ Requirements in the Developing World

ByMohammad Sohaib, Aman Ullah, Ayesha Zafar, Sana Tahira Saleem

chapter 2|21 pages

Contribution of Animal Origin Foods in the Human Diet

ByAmna Sahar, Ubaid ur Rahman

chapter 3|12 pages

Animal Tracing

A Basis for Branding Animal Origin Foods in the Market
ByBernd Hallier

chapter 4|21 pages

Processing, Storage, and Transportation of Milk Products

ByFarwa Tariq, Aysha Sameen, Tayyaba Tariq, Mariam Aizad

chapter 5|41 pages

Processing, Storage, and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products

ByRituparna Banerjee, Arun K. Verma, B. M. Naveena, V. V. Kulkarni

chapter 6|16 pages

Biotechnological Approaches for Improving Quality and Safety of Animal Origin Foods

ByBushra Ishfaq, Mariam Aizad, Rizwan Arshad

chapter 7|25 pages

Fish Processing, Storage, and Transportation

ByMuhammad Ammar Khan, Huijuan Yang, Asghar Ali Kamboh

chapter 8|16 pages

Animal Origin Foods as Functional Foods

ByFaqir Muhammad Anjum, Fakiha Mehak, Asna Zahid

chapter 9|10 pages

Bioactive Compounds from Animal Origin Foods

ByMuhammad Rizwan Tariq

chapter 10|19 pages

Bioactive Components from Milk and Milk Products

BySaima Rafiq

chapter 11|17 pages

Safety and Quality Aspects of Animal Origin Foods

ByTahir Zahoor, Atif Liaqat, Nehdia Azhar

chapter 12|11 pages

Strategies for Improving the Quality of Animal Origin Foods

BySana Mehmood, Muhammad Issa Khan, Hira Shakoor

chapter 13|21 pages

Issues and Policies to Promote Animal Origin Food Consumption

ByMuhammad Issa Khan, Hira Shakoor, Sana Mehmood

chapter 14|10 pages

Animal-Source Foods in Human Nutrition

ByAamir Shehzad, Asna Zahid, Sana Mehmood, Sajeela Akram

chapter 15|19 pages

Nutritional and Safety Aspects of Animal-Based Irradiated Foods

ByMuhammad Yasin, Aurang Zeb, Ihsan Ullah

chapter 16|16 pages

Poultry and Livestock Production for Foods

ByShaihid-ur- Rehman, Salim-ur- Rehman