Heterogeneous Computing Architectures: Challenges and Vision provides an updated vision of the state-of-the-art of heterogeneous computing systems, covering all the aspects related to their design: from the architecture and programming models to hardware/software integration and orchestration to real-time and security requirements. The transitions from multicore processors, GPU computing, and Cloud computing are not separate trends, but aspects of a single trend-mainstream; computers from desktop to smartphones are being permanently transformed into heterogeneous supercomputer clusters. The reader will get an organic perspective of modern heterogeneous systems and their future evolution.

chapter 1|31 pages

Heterogeneous Data Center Architectures: Software and Hardware Integration and Orchestration Aspects

ByA. Scionti, F. Lubrano, O. Terzo, S. Mazumdar

chapter 2|20 pages

Modular Operating Systems for Large-Scale, Distributed, and Heterogeneous Environments

ByL. Schubert, S. Bonfert, S. Wesner

chapter 3|35 pages

Programming and Architecture Models

ByJ. Fumero, C. Kotselidis, F. Zakkak, M. Papadimitriou, O. Akrivopoulos, C. Tselios, N. Kanakis, K. Doka, I. Konstantinou, I. Mytilinis, C. Bitsakos

chapter 4|14 pages

Simplifying Parallel Programming and Execution for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Platforms

ByJ. Ejarque, D. Jiménez-González, C. Álvarez, X. Martorell, R. M. Badia

chapter 5|26 pages

Design-Time Tooling to Guide Programming for Embedded Heterogeneous Hardware Platforms

ByR. De Landtsheer, J. C. Deprez, L. Guedria

chapter 7|37 pages

A Novel Framework for Utilising Multi-FPGAs in HPC Systems

ByK. Georgopoulos, K. Bakanov, I. Mavroidis, I. Papaefstathiou, A. Ioannou, P. Malakonakis, K. Pham, D. Koch, L. Lavagno

chapter 8|19 pages

A Quantitative Comparison for Image Recognition on Accelerated Heterogeneous Cloud Infrastructures

ByD. Danopoulos, C. Kachris, D. Soudris

chapter 9|30 pages

Machine Learning on Low-Power Low-Cost Platforms: An Application Case Study

ByA. Scionti, O. Terzo, C. D'Amico, B. Montrucchio, R. Ferrero

chapter 10|12 pages

Security for Heterogeneous Systems

ByM. Tsantekidis, M. Hamad, V. Prevelakis, M. R. Agha

chapter 11|27 pages

Real-Time Heterogeneous Platforms

ByP. Burgio, R. Cavicchioli, M. Verucchi

chapter 12|18 pages

Future Challenges in Heterogeneity

ByA. Scionti, O. Terzo, F. Lubrano, C. Pezuela, K. Djemame