With contributions from leading international researchers, this second edition of Electrical Impedance Tomography: Methods, History and Applications has been fully updated throughout and contains new developments in the field, including sections on image interpretation and image reconstruction. Providing a thorough review of the progress of EIT, the present state of knowledge, and a look at future advances and applications, this accessible reference will be invaluable for mathematicians, physicists dealing with bioimpedance, electronic engineers involved in developing and extending its applications, and clinicians wishing to take advantage of this powerful imaging method.

Key Features:

  • Fully updated throughout, with new sections on image interpretation and image reconstruction
  • Overview of the current state of experimental and clinical use of EIT as well as active research developments
  • Overview of related research in geophysics, industrial process tomography, magnetic-resonance and magnetic-induction impedance imaging

part Section I|30 pages

Section: Introduction

chapter 2Chapter 1|9 pages

Electrical Impedance Tomography

ByAndy Adler

chapter 12Chapter 2|18 pages

Introduction to EIT Concepts and Technology

ByDavid Holder

part Section II|144 pages

EIT: Tissue Properties to Image Measures/Chapter

chapter 32Chapter 3|20 pages

Electromagnetic Properties of Tissues

ByRosalind Sadleir, Camelia Gabriel

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

Electronics and Hardware

ByGary J. Saulnier

chapter Chapter 5|30 pages

The EIT Forward Problem

ByAndy Adler, William R. B. Lionheart

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

The EIT Inverse Problem

ByWilliam R. B. Lionheart, Andy Adler

chapter Chapter 7|14 pages

D-bar Methods for EIT

ByDavid Isaacson, Jennifer L. Mueller, Samuli Siltanen

chapter Chapter 8|24 pages

EIT Image Interpretation

ByZhanqi Zhao, Bin Yang, Lin Yang

part Section III|132 pages


chapter 176Chapter 9|14 pages

EIT for Measurement of Lung Function

ByInéz Frerichs

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

EIT for Monitoring of Ventilation

ByTobias Becher

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

EIT Monitoring of Hemodynamics

ByLisa Krukewitt, Fabian Müller-Graf, Daniel A. Reuter, Stephan H. Böhm, Huaiwu He

chapter Chapter 12|30 pages

EIT Imaging of Brain and Nerves

ByDavid Holder

chapter Chapter 13|28 pages

EIT for Imaging of Cancer

ByRyan Halter

chapter Chapter 14|6 pages

Other Clinical Applications of EIT

ByRyan Halter, David Holder

chapter Chapter 15|12 pages

Veterinary Applications of EIT

ByMartina Mosing, Yves Moens

part Section IV|130 pages

Related Technologies

chapter 308Chapter 16|30 pages

Magnetic Induction Tomography

ByStuart Watson, Huw Griffiths

chapter Chapter 17|44 pages

Electrical Impedance Imaging Using MRI

ByOh In Kwon, Eung Je Woo

chapter Chapter 18|20 pages

Geophysical ERT

ByAlistair Boyle, Paul Wilkinson

chapter Chapter 19|20 pages

Industrial Process Tomography

ByThomas Rodgers, William Lionheart, Trevor York

chapter Chapter 20|14 pages

Devices, History and Conferences

ByAndy Adler, David Holder