This new edition of Antifungal Therapy aims at providing concise, practical, need-to-know information for busy physicians dealing with fungal infections, such as infectious disease physicians, transplant surgeons, dermatologists, and intensivists, as well as basic scientists and pharmaceutical company researchers interested in the state of antifungal therapy. It provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the pertinent issues pertaining to antifungal treatment including the basics of clinical mycology, management insights for various infections, evidence-based treatment recommendations, and helpful tables summarizing currently available pharmacokinetics data.

Key Features

• Features useful information on administration, dosage and pharmacology of antifungal drugs that can be difficult to use in clinical practice

• Contains common Clinical Questions & Answers to highlight frequently encountered patient issues

• Covers clinical mycology essentials in addition to antifungal treatment to create a well-rounded reference

• Presents illustrations and clinical photos in full color to elucidate the concepts

• Provides detailed evidence of treatment recommendations

chapter 1|10 pages

History of antifungals

ByEmily L. Larkin, Ali Abdul Lattif Ali, Kim Swindell

chapter 2|38 pages

Epidemiology of fungal infections: What, where, and when

ByFrederic Lamoth, Sylvia F. Costa, Barbara D. Alexander

chapter 3|13 pages

Experimental animal models of invasive fungal infections

ByChristopher L. Hager, Lisa Long, Yoshifumi Imamura, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum

chapter 4|24 pages

Antifungal drug resistance: Significance and mechanisms

BySharvari Dharmaiah, Rania A. Sherif, Pranab K. Mukherjee

chapter 6|18 pages

Preemptive antifungal therapy: Do diagnostics help?

ByVidya Jagadeesan, Margaret Powers-Fletcher, Kimberly E. Hanson

chapter 7|15 pages

The immune response to fungal challenge

ByJeffery Hu, Jeffery J. Auletta

chapter 8|11 pages

Immunomodulators: What is the evidence for use in mycoses?

ByJ. Andrew Alspaugh

chapter 9|12 pages

Fungal biofilms and catheter-associated infections

ByJyotsna Chandra, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum

chapter 10|21 pages

Polyenes for prevention and treatment of invasive fungal infections

ByRichard H. Drew

chapter 11|15 pages


ByRichard H. Drew

chapter 12|20 pages

Pharmacology of azole antifungal agents

ByElizabeth S. Dodds Ashley

chapter 13|26 pages

Echinocandins for prevention and treatment of invasive fungal infections

ByMelissa D. Johnson, John Mohr, Ahmad Mourad

chapter 14|18 pages

Novel methods of antifungal administration

ByRichard H. Drew

chapter 15|16 pages


ByMahmoud A. Ghannoum, Iman Salem, Nancy Isham

chapter 16|13 pages

Invasive candidiasis

ByRichard R. Watkins, Tracy Lemonovich

chapter 17|14 pages

Invasive aspergillosis

ByFrank Esper

chapter 18|15 pages

Management of cryptococcosis

ByJohn R. Perfect, Ahmad Mourad

chapter 19|7 pages

Management of endemic mycoses

ByJohn R. Perfect, Ahmad Mourad

chapter 21|9 pages

Management of phaeohyphomycosis

ByJohn R. Perfect, Ahmad Mourad

chapter 22|9 pages


ByKim Swindell

chapter 23|6 pages

Management of mucormycoses

ByJohn R. Perfect, Ahmad Mourad

chapter 24|20 pages

Antifungal management in risk groups: Solid organ transplant recipients

ByJasmine Chung, Sylvia F. Costa, Barbara D. Alexander

chapter 25|19 pages

Prophylaxis and treatment of invasive fungal infections in neutropenic cancer and hematopoietic cell transplant patients

ByDaniel R. Richardson, Marcie L. Riches, Hillard M. Lazarus

chapter 26|41 pages

Antifungal use in transplant recipients: Selection, administration, and monitoring

ByRichard H. Drew, Mary L. Townsend, Melanie W. Pound, Steven W. Johnson

chapter 27|11 pages

Infants: Yeasts are beasts in early life

ByRachel G. Greenberg, Daniel K. Benjamin

chapter 28|15 pages

Newer antifungal agents in pediatrics

ByWilliam J. Steinbach

chapter 29|5 pages

Fungal infections in burn patients

ByNour Hasan

chapter 30|10 pages

Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

ByNour Hasan

chapter 31|13 pages

Fungal infections of the genitourinary tract

ByRaymond R. Rackley, Jessica C. Lloyd

chapter 32|13 pages

Mycobiome in health and disease

ByNajla El-Jurdi, Jyotsna Chandra, Pranab K. Mukherjee