This unique volume provides the latest information on secondary metabolites obtained from selected organisms (plants or microorganisms) that have beneficial effects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and an ability to offer protection against their progress. A detailed description of their source, chemistry and mechanism of action is provided, together with results of clinical studies. Here, a clear connection is made between chemical structures, in vitro studies and their clinical significance.The topic is extensive and the audience gains an understanding of the medicinal applications of these groups of secondary metabolites that have the potential to improve cardiovascular health.


  • The latest information on secondary metabolites with beneficial effects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Written by an outstanding team of authors, their work provides new insights into the beneficial effects of different components present in well known plant products, evidencing their impressive cardiovascular effects.
  • This volume discusses novel targets to screen for new drugs and the need for data obtained from clinical studies using natural products in order to better analyze the significance of in vitro experimental data.
  • Here the reader will find a unique and timely volume with an international flavor.
  • This book describes the source, chemistry and mechanism of action of natural products with the potential to improve cardiovascular health.
  • chapter 1|46 pages

    Beneficial Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Cardiovascular Disease

    ByEstela Guerrero De León, Mahabir Prashad Gupta, Juan Antonio Morán-Pinzón

    chapter 2|16 pages

    Natural Polyketides to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

    ByGeorge Hanna, Mark T. Hamann

    chapter 3|44 pages

    Impact of Dietary Polyphenols on Arterial Stiffness

    Outline of Contributing Mechanisms
    ByTess De Bruyne, Lynn Roth, Harry Robberecht, Luc Pieters, Guido De Meyer, Nina Hermans

    chapter 4|16 pages

    Potential Therapeutic Uses of the Genus Cecropia as an Antihypertensive Herbal Medicinal Product

    ByMahabir Prashad Gupta, Orlando O. Ortiz, Andrés Rivera-Mondragón, Catherina Caballero-George

    chapter 5|16 pages

    Berries and Lipids in Cardiovascular Health

    ByArpita Basu, Nancy Betts, Paramita Basu, Timothy J. Lyons

    chapter 6|22 pages

    Cardiovascular Protection Effects of Proanthocyanidins

    ByGraham C. Llivina, Megan M. Waguespack, Angela I. Calderón

    chapter 7|14 pages

    Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Blood Pressure

    A New Approach to the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
    ByAna Belén Segarra, Magdalena Martínez-Cañamero, Germán Domínguez-Vías, Marina Hidalgo, Manuel Ramírez-Sánchez, Isabel Prieto

    chapter 8|27 pages

    Role of Herbs and Spices in Cardiovascular Health

    ByHaroon Khan, Ada Popolo, Marya, Luca Rastrelli