Showcasing a selection of new research on nanotechnological applications for environmental protection along with new advanced technologies in nanochemistry, this volume presents an interdisciplinary approach that brings together materials science, chemistry, and nanotechnology. Part I of the volume looks at environmental topics that include an exploration of the challenges of the global water crisis and new technology in nanofiltration and water purification. It provides an informative overview of green nanotechnology, green nanomaterials, and green chemistry. Some of the advanced technologies discussed in Part II include the application of quantum dots, a nanochemical approach to using ICT technology, and new research on polymer nanocomposites as a smart material along with its synthesis, preparation, and properties. Other important topics are included as well.

part 1Part I|2 pages

Nanotechnology for Environmental Protection

part 117Part II|2 pages

Advanced Technologies

chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Quantum dots and their applications

ByRakshit Ameta, Kanchan Kumari Jat, Jayesh Bhatt, Suresh C. Ameta

chapter Chapter 9|38 pages

Carbon Nanotubes as Chemical Sensors and Biosensors: A Review

ByRakshit Ameta, Kanchan Kumari Jat, Jayesh Bhatt, Avinash Rai, Tarachand Nargawe, Dipti Soni, Suresh C. Ameta

chapter Chapter 10|40 pages

Applications Of Micellear Phase Of Pluronics And Tetronics As Nanoreactors In The Synthesis Of Nobel Metal Nanoparticles

ByRajpreet Kaur, Navdeep Kaur, Divya Mandial, Lavanya Tandon, Poonam Khullar

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

Methods for Calculating the Thermoelectric Characterizations of Nanomaterials

ByA. V. Severyukhin, O. Yu. Severyukhina, A. V. Vakhrushev