Recent rapid housing market expansion in China is presenting new challenges for policy makers, planners, business people, and citizens. Now that housing in middle-income China is driven by consumer choices and is no longer dominated by state policy decisions, housing policy issues in Chinese cities are becoming increasingly similar to those encountered in other global housing markets. With soaring prices and imbalances in housing supply favoring high income groups and housing demand driven by rising inequality in household incomes, many middle and lower-income households face worsening choices in terms of the quality and location of their housing as well as greater financial difficulties, which together can have negative implications for standards of public health.

This book examines the impact of these changes on the general population, as well as on aspiring homeowners and developers. The contributors look at the effect on the widening of wealth gaps, slower economic growth, and threats to political and social stability.

Though focusing on China, the editors also present discussions of specific policy design challenges encountered in Australia, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. This book would be of interest to housing policy makers, as well as academics who are studying the social and political effects of the Chinese housing market.

part 1|2 pages

Housing challenges, policies, and reforms

chapter 1|24 pages

Global and local housing challenges

ByBertrand Renaud, Rebecca L. H. Chiu, Zhi Liu

part 2|2 pages

Housing challenges of developed economies

chapter 2|15 pages

Taming real estate bubbles with technology

ByEdward Glaeser

chapter 3|18 pages

Thinking of the development of housing policy

ByHannu Ruonavaara

chapter 4|26 pages

House prices, land rents, and agglomeration benefits in the Netherlands

ByCoen N. Teulings

chapter 5|17 pages

Green Belts, edgelands, and urban sprawl

Reconsiderations of Green Belt concepts
ByGuy M. Robinson

chapter 7|20 pages

The role of government and housing market dynamics in Korea

BySeong-Kyu Ha

chapter 8|27 pages

The land and housing delivery system in Korea

Evolution, assessment, and lessons
ByMan Cho, Kyung-Hwan Kim, Soojin Park, Seung Dong You

chapter 9|24 pages

Housing price, housing mobility, and housing policy in Taiwan

ByChien-Wen Peng, Bor-Ming Hsieh, Chin-Oh Chang

chapter 10|29 pages

Housing challenges in Hong Kong’s dualistic housing system

Implications for Chinese cities
ByRebecca L. H. Chiu

chapter 11|25 pages

Building an equitable and inclusive city through housing policies

Singapore’s experience
BySock-Yong Phang

part 3|2 pages

Urban housing development and outcomes in China

chapter 12|31 pages

The long-term dynamics of housing in China

ByBertrand Renaud

chapter 13|19 pages

Urban housing challenges in mainland China

ByZhi Liu, Yan Liu

chapter 14|23 pages

Migration and urban housing market dynamics in China

ByYa Ping Wang

chapter 15|22 pages

Residential land supply and housing prices in China

An empirical analysis of large cities
ByHuina Gao, Zhi Liu, Yue Long

part 4|2 pages

Implications for China

chapter 16|34 pages

A roadmap for housing policy

Lessons of international experience
ByEdward Glaeser, Rebecca L. H. Chiu, Bertrand Renaud