Cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration is emerging as standard operating procedure for many scholarly research enterprises. And yet, the skill set needed for effective collaboration is neither taught nor mentored. The goal of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative is to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration. This book, inspired by this initiative, presents dialogue-based methods designed to increase mutual understanding among collaborators so as to enhance the quality and productivity of cross-disciplinary collaboration. It provides a theoretical context, principal activities, and evidence for effectiveness that will assist readers in honing their collaborative skills.

Key Features

  • Introduces the Toolbox Dialogue method for improving cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Reviews the theoretical background of cross-disciplinary collaboration and considers the communication and integration challenges associated with such collaboration
  • Presents methods employed in workshop development and implementation
  • Uses various means to examine the effectiveness of team-building exercises

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chapter 1|16 pages

Communication Failure and Cross-Disciplinary Research

ByStephen Crowley, Michael O’Rourke

chapter 2|20 pages

How It Works

The Toolbox Dialogue Method in Practice
ByMichael O’Rourke, Stephen Crowley

chapter 3|11 pages

A Narrative History of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative

ByGraham Hubbs

chapter 4|10 pages

The Landscape of Challenges for Cross-Disciplinary Activity

ByShannon Donovan

chapter 5|24 pages

Communication and Integration in Cross-Disciplinary Activity

ByMichael O’Rourke, Brian Robinson

chapter 6|12 pages

The Power of Philosophy

ByChad Gonnerman, Graham Hubbs, Bethany K. Laursen, Anna Malavisi

chapter 7|22 pages

The Power of Dialogue

ByMichael O’Rourke, Troy E. Hall, Bethany K. Laursen

chapter 8|11 pages

Best Practices for Planning and Running a Toolbox Workshop

ByMarisa A. Rinkus, Stephanie E. Vasko

chapter 9|15 pages

Enhancing Cross-Disciplinary Science through Philosophical Dialogue

Evidence of Improved Group Metacognition for Effective Collaboration
ByBrian Robinson, Chad Gonnerman

chapter 10|20 pages

Qualitative Analyses of the Effectiveness of Toolbox Dialogues

ByMarisa A. Rinkus, Michael O’Rourke

chapter 11|17 pages

Future Directions for the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative

BySanford D. Eigenbrode, Stephanie E. Vasko, Anna Malavisi, Bethany K. Laursen, Michael O’Rourke

chapter 12|24 pages

Toolbox Workshop Case Studies

ByGraham Hubbs, Michael O’Rourke, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Marisa A. Rinkus, Anna Malavisi