NUMGE 2018  is the ninth in a series of conferences on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering organized by the ERTC7 under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). The first conference was held in 1986 in Stuttgart, Germany and the series continued every four years (1990 Santander, Spain; 1994 Manchester, United Kingdom; 1998 Udine, Italy; 2002 Paris, France; 2006 Graz, Austria; 2010 Trondheim, Norway; 2014 Delft, The Netherlands).

The conference provides a forum for exchange of ideas and discussion on topics related to numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering. Both senior and young researchers, as well as scientists and engineers from Europe and overseas, are invited to attend this conference to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences.

This work is the first volume of NUMGE 2018.

part 1|22 pages

Keynote lectures

chapter 1|9 pages

Numerical modelling of coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical problems: Challenges and pitfalls

ByD.M. Potts, W. Cui, K.A. Gawecka, D.M.G. Taborda, L. Zdravković

chapter 2|10 pages

Rock failure analysis with discrete elements

ByJ.V. Lemos

part 2|319 pages

Constitutive modelling and numerical implementation

chapter 5|6 pages

Numerical modeling of the creep behavior of a stabilized soft soil

ByP.J. Venda Oliveira, A.A.S. Correia, L.J.L. Lemos

chapter 6|6 pages

On the use of NURBS plasticity for geomaterials

ByW.M. Coombs, Y. Ghaffari Motlagh

chapter 7|5 pages

Numerical simulation of the behavior of collapsible loess

ByR. Schiava

chapter 8|9 pages

The influence of non-coaxial plasticity in numerical modelling of soil-pipe interaction

ByH.E. Mallikarachchi, K. Soga

chapter 9|7 pages

Hypoplastic model and inverse analysis for simulation of triaxial tests

ByS. Cuomo, P. Ghasemi, M. Calvello, V. Hosseinezhad

chapter 10|10 pages

Application of a generalized continuous Mohr–Coulomb criterion

ByGrimstad Gustav, Jon A. Rønningen, Nordal Steinar

chapter 11|9 pages

Enhanced plasticity modelling of high-cyclic ratcheting and pore pressure accumulation in sands

ByH.Y. Liu, F. Zygounas, A. Diambra, F. Pisanò

chapter 12|6 pages

A generalized plasticity model adapted for shearing interface problems

ByB. Kullolli, H.H. Stutz, P. Cuéllar, M. Baeßler, F. Rackwitz

chapter 14|5 pages

On modelling of anisotropic undrained strength for non-horizontal terrain

ByS. Nordal, G. Grimstad, T. Jordbakke, K. Rabstad, M. Isachsen

chapter 15|8 pages

Elastic and plastic anisotropy in soft clays: A constitutive model

ByJ. Castro, J. Justo, N. Sivasithamparam

chapter 16|8 pages

Fe-analysis of anchor pull out tests using advanced constitutive models

ByC. Fabris, H.F. Schweiger, F. Tschuchnigg

chapter 17|6 pages

On the convexity of yield and potential surfaces in rotational hardening critical state models

ByJon A. Rønningen, Grimstad Gustav, Nordal Steinar

chapter 18|9 pages

On constitutive modelling of anisotropic viscous and non-viscous soft soils

ByM. Tafili, Th. Triantafyllidis

chapter 19|6 pages

Measurement and analysis of ground contacts during rockfall events

ByW. Gerber, A. Caviezel

chapter 20|8 pages

The role of evolutionary algorithms in soil constitutive models

ByC. Pereira, J.R. Maranha

chapter 21|10 pages

Estimation and calibration of input parameters for Lake Texcoco Clays, Mexico City

ByN. O’Riordan, S. Kumar, F. Ciruela-Ochoa, A. Canavate-Grimal

chapter 22|6 pages

A comparison of the series and parallel Masing-Iwan model in 2D

ByW.J.A.P. Beuckelaers, G.T. Houlsby, H.J. Burd

chapter 23|8 pages

Effective stress based model for natural soft clays incorporating restructuration

ByJesper Bjerre, Jon A. Rønningen, Gustav Grimstad, Steinar Nordal

chapter 24|8 pages

Interpretation of the cyclic behaviour of a saturated dense sand within an elasto-plastic framework

ByB.M. Dahl, M.S. Løyland, H.P. Jostad

chapter 25|9 pages

Numerical implementation of hardening soil model

ByL.J. Cocco, M.E. Ruiz

chapter 26|8 pages

A hypoplastic model for soft clays incorporating strength anisotropy

ByJ. Jerman, D. Mašín

chapter 27|8 pages

A modified bounding surface plasticity model for sand

ByA. Amorosi, F. Rollo, D. Boldini

chapter 29|9 pages

Analysis of the bearing capacity of strip footing on crushable soil

ByVu Pham, Quang Nguyen, Mamoru Kikumoto, Keita Nakamura

chapter 30|9 pages

Numerical simulations of the dynamic soil behaviour in true triaxial conditions

ByC. Ferreira, A.R. Silva, J. Rio

chapter 31|8 pages

The role of soil fabric anisotropy for reaching and maintaining critical state

ByA.I. Theocharis, E. Vairaktaris, Y.F. Dafalias, A.G. Papadimitriou

chapter 34|6 pages

A time dependent constitutive model for soft clay based on nonstationary flow surface theory

ByM. Rezania, M. Mousavi Nezhad, H. Nguyen

chapter 36|9 pages

Modelling the small strain behaviour of a cemented silty sand with bounding plasticity

ByF. Panico, A. Viana da Fonseca, J. Vaunat

chapter 38|9 pages

Numerical simulation of a SHTB system for a constant-resistance large-deformation bolt

ByHe Manchao, Gong Weili, Li Chen, Luis R. Sousa

chapter 39|10 pages

SHANSEP approach for slope stability assessments of river dikes in The Netherlands

ByT.D.Y.F. Simanjuntak, D.G. Goeman, M. de Koning, J.K. Haasnoot

chapter 40|8 pages

Incorporating the state parameter into a simple constitutive model for sand

ByD.M.G. Taborda, D.M. Potts, L. Zdravkovic, A.M.G. Pedro

chapter 41|7 pages

Governing parameter method for numerical integration of constitutive models for clays

ByM. Vukićević, S. Jocković

part 3|142 pages

Finite element, discrete element and other numerical methods. Coupling of diverse methods

chapter 44|8 pages

Non-Euclidian discrete geometric modeling of granular soils

ByY. Larom

chapter 45|8 pages

Numerical investigations on the liquid-solid transition of a soil bed with coupled CFD-DEM

ByM. Kanitz, E. Denecke, J. Grabe

chapter 46|6 pages

Free vibration analysis of piled raft foundation by FE-BE coupling method

ByJagat Jyoti Mandal, Sayandip Ganguly

chapter 47|9 pages

An iterative sequential Monte Carlo filter for Bayesian calibration of DEM models

ByH. Cheng, S. Luding, V. Magnanimo, T. Shuku, K. Thoeni, P. Tempone

chapter 48|7 pages

Particle-based modelling of cortical meshes for soil retaining applications

ByF. Gabrieli, A. Pol, K. Thoeni, N. Mazzon

chapter 49|8 pages

Usability of piezocone test for finite element modelling of long-term deformations in soft soils

ByM. D’Ignazio, N. Sivasithamparam, H.P. Jostad

chapter 50|8 pages

Study of the validity of a rectangular strip track/soil coupling in railway semi-analytical prediction models

ByD. Ghangale, J. Romeu, R. Arcos, B. Noori, A. Clot, J. Cayero

chapter 51|4 pages

DEM modelling of dynamic penetration in granular material

ByN. Zhang, M. Arroyo, A. Gens, M. Ciantia

chapter 52|8 pages

A methodology for the 3D analysis of foundations for marine structures

ByP. Mira, J.A. Fernández-Merodo, M. Pastor, D. Manzanal, M.M. Stickle, A. Yagüe, I. Rodríguez, J.D. López, A. Tomás, G. Barajas, J. López-Lara

chapter 53|8 pages

Axisymmetric formulation of the material point method for geotechnical engineering applications

ByV. Galavi, F.S. Tehrani, M. Martinelli, A.S. Elkadi, D. Luger

chapter 54|7 pages

Finite element modeling of innovative energy geo-structure behaviour

ByF. Ronchi, D. Salciarini, C. Tamagnini

chapter 56|6 pages

Numerical study of pile setup for displacement piles in cohesive soils

ByY.X. Lim, S.A. Tan, K.K. Phoon

chapter 58|8 pages

Direct infinite element for soil structure interaction in time domain

ByY. Bakhtaoui, A. Chelghoum

chapter 59|6 pages

A robust numerical technique for analysis of coupled problems in elasto-plastic porous media

ByO. Ghaffaripour, A. Khoshghalb

chapter 60|6 pages

Soil-structure interaction in coupled models

ByBelén Martínez-Bacas, Davor Simic, Marta Pérez-Escacho, Carlos J. Bajo-Pavía

part 4|82 pages

Reliability and probability analysis

chapter 61|9 pages

Impact of considering oriented rock variability on tunnel excavation

ByD. Ferreira, A.M.G. Pedro, P.A.L.F. Coelho, J. Almeida e Sousa, D.M.G. Taborda

chapter 62|9 pages

Conditional random field simulation for analysis of deep excavations in soft soils

ByC.J. Sainea-Vargas, M.C. Torres-Suárez, G. Auvinet

chapter 63|8 pages

Stability assessment of the unsaturated slope under rainfall condition considering random rainfall patterns

ByTang Gaopeng, Huang Jinsong, Sheng Daichao, Sloan Scott

chapter 65|7 pages

Reliability analysis of constant total stress foundations subjected to water table fluctuations

ByJosé A. Alonso-Pollán, Luis M. Muñoz, R. Jimenez

chapter 66|4 pages

A practical case study of slope stability analysis using the random finite element method

ByA.P. de Gast, P.J. van den Eijnden, M.A. Vardon, Hicks

chapter 67|8 pages

Modes of improbable slope failure in spatially variable cohesive soils

ByA.P. van den Eijnden, M.A. Hicks

chapter 68|7 pages

3D slope stability analysis with spatially variable and cross-correlated shear strength parameters

ByD. Varkey, M.A. Hicks, P.J. Vardon

chapter 69|8 pages

Variability in offshore soils and effects on probabilistic bearing capacity

ByE.A. Oguz, N. Huvaj, C.E. Uyeturk

part 5|115 pages

Large deformation – large strain analysis

chapter 71|6 pages

Optimizing the MPM model of a reduced scale granular flow by inverse analysis

ByM. Calvello, P. Ghasemi, S. Cuomo, M. Martinelli

chapter 72|9 pages

Modelling rockfall dynamics using (convex) non-smooth mechanics

ByG. Lu, A. Caviezel, M. Christen, Y. Bühler, P. Bartelt

chapter 73|8 pages

On the use of the material point method to model problems involving large rotational deformation

ByL. Wang, W.M. Coombs, C.E. Augarde, M. Brown, J. Knappett, A. Brennan, C. Davidson, D. Richards, A. Blake

chapter 74|9 pages

Issues with the material point method for geotechnical modelling, and how to address them

ByC.E. Augarde, Y. Bing, T.J. Charlton, W.M. Coombs, M. Cortis, M.J.Z. Brown, A. Brennan, S. Robinson

chapter 75|8 pages

LDFEM analysis of FDP auger installation in cohesive soil

ByJ. Konkol, L. Bałachowski, J. Linowiecki

chapter 76|9 pages

Large deformation finite element analyses for the assessment of CPT behaviour at shallow depths in NC and OC sands

ByH.K. Engin, H.D.V. Khoa, H.P. Jostad, D.A. Kort

chapter 77|8 pages

Pipe-seabed interaction under lateral motion

ByH. Sabetamal, J.P. Carter, S.W. Sloan

chapter 79|6 pages

A coupled constitutive model for modelling small strain behaviour of soils

ByS. Seyedan, W.T. Sołowski

chapter 80|8 pages

Three-dimensional analysis of penetration problems using G-PFEM

ByL. Monforte, M. Arroyo, A. Gens

chapter 81|6 pages

The use of MPM to estimate the behaviour of rigid structures during landslides

ByL. González Acosta, I. Pantev, P.J. Vardon, M.A. Hicks

chapter 83|8 pages

Numerical simulation of pile installation in saturated soil using CPDI

ByC. Moormann, S. Gowda, S. Giridharan

part 6|45 pages

Artificial intelligence and neural networks

chapter 86|6 pages

Construction of bedrock topography from airborne-EM data by artificial neural network

ByA.K. Lysdahl, L. Andresen, M. Vöge

chapter 87|7 pages

Artificial neural networks in the analysis of compressibility of marine clays of Grande Vitória, ES, Brazil

ByA.G. Oliveira Filho, K.V. Bicalho, W.H. Hisatugu, C. Romanel

chapter 88|8 pages

Rock and soil cutting slopes stability condition identification based on soft computing algorithms

ByJ. Tinoco, A. Gomes Correia, P. Cortez, D. Toll

chapter 90|9 pages

Human-driven machine-automation of engineering research

ByM.D.L. Millen, A. Viana Da Fonseca, X. Romão

part 7|58 pages

Ground flow, thermal and coupled analysis

chapter 91|6 pages

Heat transfer process in a thermo-active diaphragm wall from monitoring data and numerical modelling

ByD. Sterpi, A. Angelotti, O. Habibzadeh Bigdarvish, D. Jalili

chapter 93|9 pages

Factors affecting the thermo-mechanical response of a retaining wall under non-isothermal conditions

ByE. Sailer, D.M.G. Taborda, L. Zdravković, D.M. Potts

chapter 94|6 pages

Energy efficiency evaluation in thermoactive geostuctures: A case study

ByJ. Sequeira, A. Vieira, R. Cardoso

chapter 95|7 pages

Hydro-mechanical modelling of an unsaturated seal structure

ByD.F. Ruiz, J. Vaunat, A. Gens, M.A. Mánica

chapter 96|8 pages

Finite element modelling of excess pore fluid pressure around a heat source buried in saturated soils

ByW. Cui, A. Tsiampousi, D.M. Potts, K.A. Gawecka, L. Zdravković, D.M.G. Taborda

chapter 97|8 pages

Numerical investigation of the effects of thermal loading on the mechanical behaviour of energy piles in sand

ByI. Kamas, E. Comodromos, D. Skordas, K. Georgiadis

part 8|68 pages

Earthquake engineering, soil dynamics and soil-structure interaction

chapter 99|8 pages

Numerical noise effects and filtering in liquefiable site response analyses

ByY.Z. Tsiapas, G.D. Bouckovalas

chapter 100|7 pages

Influence of water table fluctuation on soil-structure interaction

ByM.P. Santisi d’Avila, L. Lenti, S. Martino

chapter 101|9 pages

Numerical simulation on the ground response in saturated sand

ByM. Morigi, G.M.B. Viggiani, R. Conti, C. Tamagnini

chapter 102|7 pages

Simulating the seismic response of laterally spreading ground after its passive stabilization against liquefaction

ByA.G. Papadimitriou, Y.K. Chaloulos, G.I. Agapoulaki, K.I. Andrianopoulos, Y.F. Dafalias

chapter 103|6 pages

Artificial neural networks for the evaluation of impedance functions of inclined pile groups

ByA. Franza, M.J. DeJong, M. Morici, S. Carbonari, F. Dezi

chapter 104|8 pages

3-D source-to-site numerical investigation on the earthquake ground motion coherency in heterogeneous soil deposits

ByF. Gatti, S. Touhami, F. Lopez-Caballero, D. Pitilakis

chapter 105|5 pages

Analysis of observed liquefaction during the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

ByBashar Ismael, Domenico Lombardi

chapter 106|6 pages

Potential mechanism for recurrent mid-span failure of pile supported river bridges in liquefied soil

ByPiyush Mohanty, subhamoy Bhattacharya

part 9|51 pages

Rock mechanics

chapter 108|6 pages

Arching of granular flow under loading in silos

ByP. To, N. Sivakugan

chapter 109|6 pages

Boundary stress distribution in silos filled with granular material

ByP. To, N. Sivakugan

chapter 110|6 pages

Numerical simulation of the advance of a deep tunnel using a damage plasticity model for rock mass

ByM. Schreter, M. Neuner, G. Hofstetter

chapter 111|9 pages

Experimental validation of numerical rockfall trajectory models

ByA. Caviezel, Y. Bühler, G. Lu, M. Christen, P. Bartelt

chapter 114|5 pages

Opening effect on mechanical behaviour of rock brick

ByY.L. Gui