Retinoids are valuable drugs in the dermatologic armamentarium, being employed in daily clinical practice. The text provides an in-depth update on the latest thinking on pharmacology, clinical use, side effects, and follow-up of retinoid therapy in dermatology; it also addresses topics related to retinoid use in special circumstances, such as vulnerable populations, concomitant surgery, and aesthetic procedures.

CONTENTS: The background of retinoids * Mechanism of action of vitamin A * Mechanism of action of topical retinoids * Mechanism of action of isotretinoin * Mechanism of action of acitretin * Mechanism of action of bexarotene * Mechanism of action of alitretinoin * Effects of retinoids at the cellular level (differentiation, apoptosis, autophagy, cell cycle regulation, and senescence) * Effects of retinoids at the systemic level * New aspects of isotretinoin teratogenicity * Mucocutaneous side effects * Ophthalmologic side effects * Musculoskeletal side effects * Neurologic side effects * Psychiatric side effects * Gastrointestinal side effects * Endocrine and metabolic side effecs * Other systemic side effects: Cardiovascular, pulmonary, otolaryngorhinologic, genitourinary, renal, and immunologic * Retinoids in acne * Retinoids in hidradenitis suppurativa/acne inversa * Retinoids in rosacea * Retinoids in hair disorders * Retinoids in psoriasis * Retinoids in keratinization disorders * Retinoids in antiaging therapy * Retinoids in other skin diseases * Retinoids in lymphoma * Retinoids in cutaneous chemoprophylaxis * Guide to good clinical practice for vulnerable populations (infancy, childhood, fertile period, elderly) * Retinoids and concomitant surgery * Retinoids and concomitant aesthetic procedures * Laboratory and clinical follow-up * Teratogenicity and registry programs * Management of vitamin A and retinoid side effects * Future and novel unexplored indications of retinoids

Published in association with the Journal of Dermatological Treatment.

chapter 1|2 pages

The Background of Retinoids

ByAyse Serap Karadag, Berna Aksoy, Lawrence Charles Parish

chapter 2|4 pages

Mechanism of Action of Vitamin A

BySandra Maria Barbalho

chapter 3|5 pages

Mechanism of Action of Topical Retinoids

BySümeyre Seda Ertekin, Mehmet Salih Gurel

chapter 4|13 pages

Mechanism of Action of Isotretinoin

ByBodo C. Melnik

chapter 5|5 pages

Mechanism of Action of Acitretin

ByKaitlyn Lam, Ronald Vender

chapter 6|4 pages

Mechanism of Action of Bexarotene

ByCatherine M. Ludwig, Claire Wilson, Brandon Roman, Maria M. Tsoukas

chapter 7|3 pages

Mechanism of Action of Alitretinoin

ByÖmer Faruk Elmas, Necmettin Akdeniz

chapter 9|4 pages

Effects of Retinoids at the Systemic Level

BySandra Maria Barbalho, Letícia Maria Pescinini-Salzedas

chapter 10|5 pages

New Aspects of Isotretinoin Teratogenicity

ByBodo C. Melnik

chapter 11|6 pages

Mucocutaneous Side Effects

ByTugba Kevser Uzuncakmak, Ayse Serap Karadag

chapter 12|5 pages

Ophthalmologic Side Effects

ByRemzi Karadag, Fehim Esen

chapter 13|6 pages

Musculoskeletal Side Effects

ByFiliz Cebeci Kahraman, Vefa Aslı Turgut Erdemir, Melek Aslan Kayıran

chapter 14|3 pages

Neurologic Side Effects

ByEvren Burakgazi-Dalkilic

chapter 15|5 pages

Psychiatric Side Effects

ByJoshua Schimmel, Evren Burakgazi-Dalkilic, Hatice Burakgazi-Yilmaz

chapter 16|4 pages

Gastrointestinal Side Effects

ByEsra Adışen, Burcu Beksaç, Mehmet Ali Gürer

chapter 17|11 pages

Endocrine and Metabolic Side Effects

ByAyse Serap Karadag, Emin Ozlu, Bodo C. Melnik

chapter 19|9 pages

Retinoids in Acne

ByRuta Ganceviciene, Christos C. Zouboulis

chapter 20|4 pages

Retinoids in Hidradenitis Suppurativa/Acne Inversa

ByUwe Wollina, Piotr Brzezinski, André Koch

chapter 21|4 pages

Retinoids in Rosacea

ByMarius Rademaker, Harriet Cheng

chapter 22|6 pages

Retinoids in Hair Disorders

ByBrent J. Doolan, Rodney Sinclair

chapter 23|10 pages

Retinoids in Psoriasis

ByUwe Wollina, Piotr Brzezinski, André Koch

chapter 24|11 pages

Retinoids in Keratinization Disorders

ByÜmit Türsen, Belma Türsen

chapter 25|6 pages

Retinoids in Antiaging Therapy

ByZehra Aşiran Serdar, Ezgi Aktaş Karabay

chapter 26|8 pages

Retinoids in Other Skin Diseases

ByUwe Wollina, Piotr Brzezinski, André Koch

chapter 27|6 pages

Retinoids in Lymphoma

ByRobert Duffy, Joya Sahu

chapter 28|5 pages

Retinoids in Cutaneous Chemoprophylaxis

ByRobert Duffy, Joya Sahu

chapter 30|8 pages

Retinoids and Concomitant Surgery

ByH. Mete Aksoy

chapter 31|4 pages

Retinoids and Concomitant Aesthetic Procedures

ByZekayi Kutlubay, Ayşegül Sevim Keçici, Yalçın Tüzün

chapter 32|6 pages

Laboratory and Clinical Follow-Up

ByNadide Burcu Öztürk, Berna Aksoy

chapter 33|6 pages

Teratogenicity and Registry Programs

ByReese L. Imhof, Megha M. Tollefson

chapter 34|4 pages

Management of Vitamin A and Retinoid Side Effects

ByAsli Tatliparmak, Berna Aksoy

chapter 35|10 pages

Future and Novel Unexplored Indications of Retinoids

ByKabir Sardana, Ananta Khurana