Lean Project Delivery and Integrated Practices in Modern Construction is the new and enhanced edition of the pioneering book Modern Construction by Lincoln H. Forbes and Syed M. Ahmed.

This book provides a multi-faceted approach for applying lean methodologies to improve design and construction processes. Recognizing the wide diversity in the landscape of projects, and encompassing private and public sector activity, buildings and infrastructure, the book expands upon the detailed coverage of integrated project delivery and new lean tools and techniques to include:

  • Greater emphasis on the importance of creating a lean culture and the initiatives required to transform the industry;
  • Expanded discussions of the foundational writings in lean construction theory;
  • Exploration of the synergies between "lean" and "green" initiatives;
  • Specific procedures for modifying planning and scheduling activities to improve the performance of the project team;
  • Expanded sections on quality, and topics that have become a part of the lean lexicon, such as Choosing by Advantages, "line of balance"/location-based scheduling, virtual design teams, takt time planning and set-based design;
  • Discussion questions for beginners and advanced lean practitioners; and
  • Improved cross-referencing within the text to help the reader navigate the frameworks, techniques and tools to support the application of lean principles.

The techniques described here enhance the use of resources, reducing waste, minimizing delays, increasing quality and reducing overall costs. They enable practitioners to improve the quality of the built environment, secure higher levels of customer/owner satisfaction, and simultaneously improve their profitability. This book is essential reading for all those wanting to be at the forefront of construction management and lean thinking.

chapter 3|35 pages

Lean in design

section A|9 pages

Construction progress measurement

section B|8 pages

Lean process measurement

section |2 pages

Summary of LPS metrics; retrieved from Hamzeh, et al. in Chapter 16

chapter 11|42 pages

Quality management in construction and Six Sigma

A complement to lean construction

chapter 12|35 pages

Sustainable construction

Environmental sustainability and commissioning

chapter 13|27 pages

Safety management

chapter 14|31 pages

General lean tools

chapter 15|24 pages

Learning from projects and enhancing

Lean project delivery and IPD