Electroless Nickel Plating: Fundamentals to Applications provides a complete and actualized view of electroless nickel plating, thus greatly improving the accessibility of knowledge on the subject. It touches upon all aspects of electroless nickel, from the fundamentals (including thermodynamics of electroless plating, bath chemistry, and substrate preparation) to more applied areas of the field such as bath replenishment, composite coatings, post-treatments, polyalloys, graded and multilayer coatings, ultrasound assistance, applications, and properties.

Contributed to by a variety of international authors to ensure different points of view and interests are addressed, this book stands as the first complete and updated state-of-the-art text on electroless nickel in the twenty-first century. It also serves as the first technical book with a strong emphasis on nickel-boron. It also focuses on environmental aspects.

Including cutting-edge content presented sufficiently extensive to be directly useful to the practitioner, this book is aimed at materials scientists, metallurgists, and other professionals working with electroless nickel plating.

chapter 1|29 pages

Chemistry of Electroless Plating

chapter 4A|50 pages

Electroless Nickel-Boron

Part A: As-Plated Electroless Nickel-Boron

chapter 4B|39 pages

Electroless Nickel-Boron

Part B: Posttreatments for Electroless Nickel-Boron