Engineering technology development and implementation play an important role in making the industry more sustainable in an increasingly competitive world. This book covers significant recent developments in both fundamental and applied research in the engineering field. Domains of application include, but are not limited to, Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization, Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modeling and Control, Robotics and Automation, Industrial and Electric Engineering, Production and Management. This book is an excellent reference work to get up to date with the latest research and developments in the fields of Automation, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering. It aims to provide a platform for researchers and professionals in all relevant fields to gain new ideas and establish great achievements in scientific development.

part |1 pages


chapter |6 pages

Development and application of creep test remote-monitoring system

ByZ.L. An, W.X. Wang, Z.Y. Wang, T.H. Chen, N. Wang

chapter |8 pages

A new method for integrated navigation of hypersonic cruising aircraft using non-Keplerian orbits

ByH.L. Li, D.W. Wu, B. Zhang, B.F. Yang, Y.H. Zhao

chapter |7 pages

Automatic driving system of plant protection robot based on differential GPS

ByX.M. Xia, C.S. Ai, Y.C. Du

chapter |6 pages

Key technologies of robot navigation based on machine vision: A review

ByB. Zhang, D.L. Zhu

part 2|1 pages

Control systems

chapter 6|6 pages

Research on innovative control strategies of bridgeless PFC based on one-cycle control

ByY. Jin, S.C. Liu, C.Y. Wu, Y. Li, Y. Dong, K. Gao, X.J. Li

chapter 8|9 pages

Ultra-low-altitude airdrop fuzzy sliding-mode control for a cargo-stuck fault

ByW. Wei, X.X. Sun, X.F. Deng

chapter 10|6 pages

DNN-HMM-based automatic speech recognition system for intelligent LED lighting control

ByJ.L. Xian, W.X. Cai, H.X. Pan, N.Z. Chen, X.Y. Chen, Y.W. Sun, D. Yan

part 3|1 pages

Electrical engineering

chapter 13|7 pages

Analysis of electrical power stability in a distribution grid undergoing live maintenance

ByT. Jin, W. Zhang, X.F. Shi, S.K. Chen, L.Y. Wang, J.C. Gao

chapter 14|8 pages

FEA based electromagnetic analysis of induction motor rotor bars with improved starting torque for traction applications

ByM. Sundaram, M. Mohanraj, P. Varunraj, T. Dinesh Kumar, Shubham Sharma

chapter 15|6 pages

Fault analysis based on coil currents of a circuit breaker in a converter station

ByJ.B. Li, R. Hu, A. Hu, Y.X. Wen, Y.L. Li, Z.Q. Xiong, L.K. Chen

chapter 16|6 pages

A new design for a reference voltage source

ByX.J. Li, Y.R. Yu

chapter 18|9 pages

A synthetic assessment model for the condition of major equipment in nuclear power plants

ByT.C. Pan, J.F. Shen, X.M. Mao, M. Qu

chapter 19|8 pages

Optimization decision method for neutral grounding mode of distribution network considering electric shock risk

ByW.W. Zhang, M.B. Yang, X.Y. Yang, L. Long, J.X. Ouyang, G.T. Ma

part |1 pages

Industrial engineering

chapter |6 pages

Developmental status and analysis of agricultural electric drainage and irrigation system

ByK. Huang, C. Liu, K.J. Lu, P. Chikangaise, X.Y. Zhu

chapter |6 pages

Knowledge discovery of design rationale based on frequent-pattern mining

ByH. Jiang, W. Yang, J. Mei, R.L. Wu, L. Guo

chapter |6 pages

Overall satellite model composition research using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

ByR.L. Wu, Z. Peng, X.H. Gao, Y.Q. Xia, H. Jiang

chapter |10 pages

An improved attitude estimation algorithm based on MPU9250 for quadrotor

ByQ.Q. Zhao, Y.G. Fu, Z.G. Liu, Y. Xu, X.Y. Liu

part 5|1 pages

Mechanical engineering

chapter 28|5 pages

Dynamic simulation of four-ring roller coaster based on ADAMS software

ByK.R. Bian, S.P. Zhou, J. Li, W. Zhao

chapter |8 pages

Mechanical properties of an AlSi10Mg sandwich structure with different origami patterns under compression

ByL.Z. Su, Z. Li, Z.X. Ge, Y.P. Zhou, K.J. Wang

part 6|11 pages


chapter 36|6 pages

Research on the steering characteristics of the crawler robot based on the gyroscope

ByH.H. Liu, C.S. Ai, Y.Q. Bao, G.C. Ren, Y.C. Du

chapter |8 pages

Design and analysis of an autonomous cleaning robot for large scale solar PV farms

ByM. Sundaram, S. Prabhakaran, T. Jishnu, S. Sharma

chapter |8 pages

Application of a factor graph in MEMS IMU self-alignment technology

ByH.F. Xing, H. Yang, C. Wang, M. Guo

chapter |10 pages

Modeling and simulation of dynamic fire assignment for aircraft

ByM. Zhong, R.N. Yang, J. Wu, H. Zhang

part |1 pages

Pattern recognition

chapter |6 pages

Microblog topic mining based on a combined TF-IDF and LDA topic model

ByB. Ge, W. Zheng, G.M. Yang, Y. Lu, H.J. Zheng

chapter |6 pages

Application of collaborative representation in audio signal recognition

ByQ.F. Huang, X.J. Li

chapter |6 pages

A novel underwater image enhancement algorithm based on rough set

ByP.F. Shi, X.N. Fan, J.J. Ni, M. Li, D.W. Yang

chapter |8 pages

Weakly supervised co-segmentation by neural attention

ByY. Zhao, F. Zhang, Z.L. Zhang, X.H. Liang