This book proceeds from a meeting at the Santa Fe Institute where economists and physical and biological scientists came together to discuss a conceptual framework incorporating a more appropriate mathematics with a greatly strengthened capacity to deal simultaneously with multiple variables, nonlinearity, incomplete information and dynamical processes.

part 1|6 pages

Introduction and Overview

part 2|235 pages

Lectures and Perspectives

chapter 2|23 pages

Self-Reinforcing Mechanisms in Economics

ByW. Brian Arthur

chapter 3|16 pages

Neural Nets for Economists

ByEric B. Baum

chapter 5|21 pages

Nonlinearity and Complex Dynamics in Economics and Finance

ByWilliam A. Brock

chapter 6|17 pages

Can New Approaches to Nonlinear Modeling Improve Economic Forecasts?

ByJ. Doyne Farmer, John J. Sidorowich

chapter 7|8 pages

The Global Economy as an Adaptive Process

ByJohn H. Holland

chapter 8|22 pages

The Evolution of Economic Webs

ByStuart A. Kauffman

chapter 9|21 pages

Computation and Multiplicity of Economic Equilibria

ByTimothy J. Kehoe

chapter 11|17 pages

Statistical Mechanics Approaches to Complex Optimization Problems

ByRichard Palmer

chapter 12|11 pages

Can Nonlinear Dynamics Help Economists?

ByDavid Ruelle

chapter 13|37 pages

Rational Expectations, Game Theory and Inflationary Inertia

ByMario Henrique Simonsen

part 3|11 pages

Working Group Summaries

chapter 14|3 pages

Report of Work Group A: Techniques and Webs

ByJack Guenther, John Holland, Stuart Kauffman, Tim Kehoe, Tom Sargent, Eugenia Singer

chapter 15|2 pages

Report of Work Group B: Economic Cycles

ByKenneth J. Arrow, William Brock, Doyne Farmer, David Pines, David Ruelle, José Scheinkman, Mario Simonsen, Larry Summers

chapter 16|5 pages

Report of Work Group C: Patterns

ByP. W. Anderson, W. B. Arthur, E. Baum, M. Boldrin, N. Packard, J. Scheinkman, L. Summers

part 4|7 pages

Final Plenary Discussion

chapter 17|5 pages

Final Plenary Discussion

ByRichard Palmer

part 5|19 pages

V. Summariesand Perspectives

chapter 18|9 pages

A Physicist Looks at Economies: An Overview of the Workshop

ByP. W. Anderson

chapter 19|7 pages

Workshop on the Economy as an Evolving Complex System: Summary

ByKenneth J. Arrow

part 6|22 pages

Research Papers

chapter 20|16 pages

Learning-By-Doing, International Trade and Growth: A Note

ByMichele Boldrin, JosÉ A. Scheinkman

chapter 21|4 pages

Lyapunov Exponents for Stock Returns

ByJ.-P. Eckmann, S. Oliffson Kamphorst, D. Ruellef, J. Scheinkman