In the 40 years since the classic review of osmotic and ionic regulation written by Potts and Parry, there has been astonishing growth in scientific productivity, a marked shift in the direction and taxonomic distribution of research, and amazing changes in the technology of scientific research" It is indicative of the growth of the subject that as

chapter 1|35 pages

Osmoregulation: Some Principles of Water and Solute Transport

ByDavid C. Dawson, Xuehong Liu

chapter 2|31 pages

Volume Regulation and Osmosensing in Animal Cells

ByChoe Keith, Strange Kevin

chapter 3|37 pages

The Contractile Vacuole Complex and Cell Volume Control in Protozoa

ByRichard D. Allen, Takashi Tominaga, Yutaka Naitoh

chapter 4|27 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Molluscs

ByLewis Deaton

chapter 5|30 pages

Osmoregulation in Annelids

ByRobert L. Preston

chapter 6|66 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Aquatic Arthropods

ByGuy Charmantier, Mireille Charmantier-Daures, David Towle

chapter 7|48 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Insects

ByKlaus W. Beyenbach, Peter M. Piermarini

chapter 8|72 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Fishes

ByDavid H. Evans, James B. Claiborne

chapter 9|75 pages

Osmotic and Ion Regulation in Amphibians

ByStanley D. Hillyard, Nadja Møbjerg, Shigeyasu Tanaka, Erik Hviid Larsen

chapter 10|61 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Reptiles

ByWilliam H. Dantzler, S. Donald Bradshaw

chapter 11|20 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Birds

ByEldon J. Braun

chapter 12|41 pages

Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Mammals

ByRolf K.H. Kinne, Mark L. Zeidel