Once considered a luxury, a business continuity plan has become a necessity. Many companies are required to have one by law. Others have implemented them to protect themselves from liability, and some have adopted them after a disaster or after a near miss. Whatever your reason, the right continuity plan is essential to your organization. Business

part |2 pages

Section I: The Need for Business Continuity Planning

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chapter 6|6 pages

Crisis Management Planning

ByMark B. Desman

chapter 7|6 pages

Learning from a Crisis

ByAndrew Blades

chapter 8|12 pages

Plan to Rehearse the Crisis — Before the Crisis Tests the Organization

BySteve York, Angus Graham

chapter 9|4 pages

The Crisis Management Command Center

ByMark B. Desman

chapter 10|4 pages

Trauma: The Forgotten Factor

BySteve Watt, David Ball

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chapter 12|12 pages

Corporate Contingency Planning

ByMichael D. Cannon

chapter 13|6 pages

Business Continuity Planning: Trials and Tribulations

BySteve Watts

chapter 14|16 pages

The Business Impact Assessment Process

ByCarl B. Jackson

chapter 15|10 pages

Selecting the Right Business Continuity Planning Strategies

ByKen Doughty

chapter 16|20 pages

Business Continuity in the Distributed Environment

BySteven P. Craig

chapter 17|8 pages

Details Overlooked in Contingency Plans

ByJonathan R. King

chapter 18|14 pages

Restoration Component of Business Continuity Planning

ByJohn Dorf, Marty Johnson

chapter 19|10 pages

Systems and Communications Security During Recovery and Repair

ByC. Warren Axelrod

part |2 pages

Section IV: Business Continuity Planning for Communications

chapter 20|22 pages

Network Business Continuity Planning

ByNathan J. Muller

chapter 21|10 pages

Business Recovery Planning for Communications

ByLeo A. Wrobel

chapter 22|8 pages

Documenting a Communications Recovery Plan

ByLeo A. Wrobel

part |2 pages

Section V: Maintenance and Testing of Business Continuity Plans

chapter 24|18 pages

Strategies for Developing and Testing Business Continuity Plans

ByKenneth A. Smith

chapter 25|10 pages

Maintenance and Update of Business Continuity Plans

ByKen Doughty

chapter 26|8 pages

Testing Business Continuity Plans

ByLeo A. Wrobel

chapter 27|8 pages

Changes that Could Affect the IS Business Continuity Plan

ByJoAnn Bozarth and Belden Menkus

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chapter 28|12 pages

Business Continuity Planning Tools and Management Options

ByJon William Toigo

chapter 29|14 pages

Choosing a Hot-Site Vendor

ByPhilip Jan Rothstein

chapter 30|6 pages

A Proactive Approach to Improving the IS Business Continuity Plan

ByBelden Menkus

chapter 31|18 pages

Reengineering the Business Continuity Planning Process

ByCarl B. Jackson

chapter 32|6 pages

Backup: The Forgotten Essential

ByBruce Edwards

part |2 pages

Section VII: Auditor's Perspecive of Business Continuity Planning

chapter 33|10 pages

Using Audit Resources in IT Business Continuity Planning

ByJoAnn Bozarth and Belden Menkus

chapter 34|14 pages

How IS Auditors Can Enhance Business Continuity Planning

ByDouglas B. Hoyt

chapter 35|12 pages

Auditing Contingency and Business Continuity Planning

ByFred Gallegos, Karen Seketa