This multivolume handbook presents the most authoritative and comprehensive reference work on major zoonoses of the world. The Handbook of Zoonoses covers most diseases communicable to humans, as well as those diseases common to both animals and humans. It identifies animal diseases that are host specific and reviews the effects of various human diseases on animals. Discussions address diseases that remain important public and animal health problems and the techniques that can control and prevent them.
The chapters are written by internationally recognized scientists in their respective areas of disease, who work or have worked extensively in the most affected areas of the world. The emphasis for each zoonosis is on the epidemiology of the disease, the clinical syndromes and carrier states in infected animals and humans, and the most current methods for diagnosis and approaches to control. For infectious agents or biologic toxins, which may be transmitted by foods of animal origin, a strong focus is placed on food safety measures. The etiologic and therapeutic aspects of each disease important to epidemiology and control are identified.

chapter |5 pages

Introduction Concepts in Bacterial, Rickettsial, Chlamydial, and Mycotic Zoonoses

ByGeorge W. Beran, James H. Steele

part Part I|191 pages

Bacterial Zoonoses

chapter |31 pages


ByHugh E. Metcalf, Donald W. Luchsinger, Winthrop C. Ray

chapter |19 pages

Tuberculosis, Tuberculoidoses, and Other Mycobacterial Infections

ByCharles O. Thoen, David E. Williams

chapter |22 pages


ByHoward W. Whitford, Martin E. Hugh-Jones

chapter |9 pages

Erysipelothrix Infections

ByRichard L. Wood, James H. Steele

chapter |20 pages


ByJack D. Poland, T. J. Quan, Allan M. Barnes

chapter |14 pages


ByCluff E. Hopla, Anna K. Hopla

chapter |21 pages

Nonfoodborne Clostridial Diseases

ByDavid A. Miller

chapter |17 pages

Glanders and Melioidosis

ByMichael G. Groves, Kathleen S. Harrington

chapter |14 pages

Streptococcal Infections

ByDavid K. Blackmore, Stanley G. Fenwick

chapter |10 pages

Arcobacter Infections

ByIrene V. Wesley

chapter |9 pages

Leprosy (Hansen’S Disease)

ByS. R. Pattyn

part Part II|42 pages

Bacterial Zoonoses Principally Transmitted by Animal Bites and Scratches

chapter |7 pages

Zoonoses Caused By Organisms Classified With Pasteurellaceae

ByMagne Bisgaard, Wilhelm Frederiksen, W. Mannheim, R. Mutters

chapter |11 pages

Capnocytophaga and Related Infections

ByDavid M. Sasaki, Alan R. Katz, Charles R. Middleton

chapter |12 pages

Rat-Bite Fever

ByLoren A. Will

part Part III|44 pages

Spirochetal Zoonoses

chapter |21 pages


ByMichael Torten, R. B. Marshall

chapter |16 pages

Lyme Borreliosis

ByDavid T. Dennis, Susan E. Lance

chapter |6 pages


ByRanee B. LeFebvre, Jennifer L. Greenier

part Part IV|99 pages

Foodborne Bacterial Zoonoses and Intoxications

chapter |14 pages

Mammalian Salmonellosis

ByClifford Wray

chapter |8 pages

Avian Salmonellosis

ByGlenn H. Snoeyenbos

chapter |10 pages


BySimon M. Shane

chapter |9 pages


ByElmer H. Marth

chapter |11 pages

Escherichia Coli O157:H7 as a Foodborne Pathogen

ByPeter Gallien, Matthias Hartung

chapter |11 pages

Yersinia Enterocolitica Infection

ByGeorg Kapperud

chapter |5 pages

Clostridium Perfringens Gastroenteritis

ByDon A. Franco

chapter |7 pages


ByDon A. Franco

chapter |8 pages

Staphylococcal Food Poisoning

ByDwight W. Lambe, Wesley E. Kloos, R. Victor Lachica

chapter |9 pages

Foodborne Diseases Associated with Seafoods

ByDon A. Franco

part Part V|28 pages

Chlamydial Zoonoses

chapter |14 pages

Avian Chlamydiosis

ByJames E. Grimes

chapter |12 pages

Mammalian Chlamydioses

ByC. John Maré

part Part VI|58 pages

Rickettsial Zoonoses

chapter |11 pages

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

ByJ. Stephen Dumler

chapter |18 pages

Q Fever and Coxiellosis

ByJim C. Williams, Vanessa Sanchez

chapter |10 pages


ByMiodrag Ristic

chapter |5 pages

Murine Typhus

ByJulie A. Rawlings, Keith A. Clark

chapter |10 pages

Scrub Typhus

ByMichael G. Groves, Kathleen S. Harrington

part Part VII|48 pages

Mycotic Zoonoses

chapter |8 pages

Superficial Mycoses (Dermatophytoses)

ByAllan C. Pier

chapter |22 pages

Systemic Mycoses

ByLibero Ajello, Arvind A. Padhye

chapter |16 pages


ByGary D. Osweiler, Allan C. Pier