Structures and Architecture. A Viable Urban Perspective? contains extended abstracts of the research papers and prototype submissions presented at the Fifth International Conference on Structures and Architecture (ICSA2022, Aalborg, Denmark, 6-8 July 2022). The book (578 pages) also includes a USB with the full texts of the papers (1448 pages). The contributions on creative and scientific aspects in the conception and construction of structures as architecture, and on the role of advanced digital-, industrial- and craft -based technologies in this matter represent a critical blend of scientific, technical, and practical novelties in both fields. Hence, as part of the proceedings series Structures and Architecture, the volume adds to a continuous exploration and development of the synergetic potentials of the fields of Structures and Architecture. With each volume further challenging the conditions, problems, and potentials related to the art, practice, and theory of teaching, researching, designing, and building structures as vehicles towards a viable architecture of the urban environment.

The volumes of the series appear once every three years, in tandem with the conferences organized by the International Association of Structures and Architecture and are intended for a global readership of researchers, practitioners, and students, including architects, structural and construction engineers, builders and building consultants, constructors, material suppliers, planners, urban designers, anthropologists, economists, sociologists, artists, product manufacturers, and other professionals involved in the design and realization of architectural, structural, and infrastructural projects.

volume |1416 pages

Technical Contributions

section |218 pages


part |90 pages

Bio Design: New material practices for a sustainable building culture

part |68 pages

Materiality in Architecture and Building Design

part |60 pages

1:1, Tools and Programs

section |502 pages

Special Session

part |58 pages

BE-AM on Tour

part |50 pages

Advances in Wood Construction: Technology and Architecture

part |34 pages

Radical Tectonics: Aiming for absolute sustainability in structures and architecture in a time of climate crisis

part |44 pages

Adaptive Building Envelopes

part |46 pages

Resilient Built Environment and Communities, Pre- and Post Disaster

part |34 pages

The Future of Bridges: A roadmap towards circular and inclusive bridge design

section |696 pages

General Session

part |58 pages

Building Envelopes/Facades

part |50 pages

Comprehension of complex, conceptual and futuristic structures

part |42 pages

Concrete and masonry structures

part |50 pages

Ecology of structures and architecture

part |104 pages

Educating architects and structural engineers

part |72 pages

Innovative architectural and structural design

part |42 pages

Special Structures

part |42 pages

The borderline between architecture and structural engineering

part |70 pages

The tectonic of architectural solutions