Forever Chemicals: Environmental, Economic, and Social Equity Concerns with PFAS in the Environment provides the reader with an understanding of the complex and interwoven issues associated with per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) in our environment. The chapters provide in-depth perspective into various issues, including health, regulation, detection, clean-up strategies and technologies, and more. Taken together or as the reader’s interests lead them, the variety of topics covered in the book present a balanced perspective on this complex topic.

It will address the current state of PFAS and where indicators are pointing for future developments. The book is also a deeper investigation of the regulatory challenges, analytical hurdles, and toxicological progress to date for the suite of PFAS chemicals.


  • Explains the trends that will affect future policy and regulatory decisions
  • Looks holistically at 4000+ PFAS chemicals
  • Includes PFAS risk assessments at contaminated sites and biomonitoring insights
  • Provides in-depth discussions on remediation technologies
  • Illustrates quality and diversified content
  • Provides a balanced perspective on this complex topic

section Section II|44 pages

Toxicology and Epidemiology

section Section III|152 pages