The bright future of green IoT will change our tomorrow environment to become healthier and green, with very high quality of service that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. This book covers the most recent advances in IoT, it discusses Smart City implementation, and offers both quantitative and qualitative research.

It focuses on greening things such as green communication and networking, green design and implementations, green IoT services and applications, energy saving strategies, integrated RFIDs and sensor networks, mobility and network management, the cooperation of homogeneous and heterogeneous networks, smart objects, and green localization.

This book with its wide range of related topics in IoT and Smart City, will be useful for graduate students, researchers, academicians, institutions, and professionals that are interested in exploring the areas of IoT and Smart City.

chapter 1|21 pages

Green-IoT (G-IoT)

Technological Need for Sustainable Development and Smart World

chapter 2|24 pages

Green Internet of Things (G-IoT)

A Solution for Sustainable Technological Development

chapter 5|16 pages

Green IoT and Big Data

Succeeding towards Building Smart Cities

chapter 6|14 pages

Green Internet of Things (G-IoT) Application

AI Based Smart Farming

chapter 14|27 pages

Edge AI with Wearable IoT

A Review on Leveraging Edge Intelligence in Wearables for Smart Healthcare

chapter 17|15 pages

Green Cloud Computing

A Step Towards Environment Sustainability Using Live Virtual Machine Migration

chapter 18|16 pages

Smart Education Technology

Design Research of Future Formal Learning Environment in Smart Cities