This book contains selective chapters from eminent experts working in the interdisciplinary arena of material science and its use in drug delivery. From their recent research experience, the readers can achieve a wide vision on the new and ongoing potentialities of polysaccharides and its application in the field of advanced drug delivery. This book contains selective polymers that were recently explored in the field of drug delivery such as starch, konjac, chitosan, alginate and other natural polymers originated from sea. It also has one chapter exclusively on nanotechnology that explains multifaceted application of natural polymer in the field of advanced drug delivery.
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chapter 2|24 pages

Starch based Polymers for Drug Delivery Applications

ByFernando G. Torres, Omar P. Troncoso

chapter 3|29 pages

Seaweed Polysaccharides in Advanced Drug Delivery Application to Carragennans

ByS. Lefnaoui, N. Moulai-Mostefa

chapter 4|26 pages

Konjac Polysaccharide for Drug Delivery

ByWei Ha, Sheng Zhang, Yang Kang, Bang-Jing Li

chapter 5|15 pages

Chitosan and Modified Chitosans for Drug Delivery Application

ByAdeleke Omodunbi Ashogbon

chapter 6|16 pages

Alginate, Its Chemistry and Applications in Advanced Drug Delivery

BySukrutha Suresh, Gurmeet Singh, Kathyayini Hanumanthaiah, Krishna Venkatesh, Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari

chapter 7|23 pages

Polysaccharides used for Microencapsulation Processes

ByLeilane Costa de Conto, Gustavo Henrique Santos Flores Ponce

chapter 8|29 pages

Polysaccharides used in Nanoparticle based Drug Delivery Formulations

BySreeranjini Pulakkat, Krishna Radhakrishnan