UAV swarm network has been used in many critical applications, such as disaster recovery, area surveillance, weather monitoring, and military communications. There are many challenging R&D issues in UAV network designs, such as the hardware/software integration for a large-scale UAV network management, long-distance data transmissions among UAVs, swarm shape/formation control, and intelligent UAV mobility/position prediction. This book will be the first one to cover the engineering designs (especially network protocol designs) for dynamic, large-scale UAV network. It has the technical models/algorithms and protocol specifications for practical UAV swarm network deployment.


  • Includes chapters written by professors, researchers, engineers, and experts in UAV networking fields
  • Details network protocol descriptions for practical engineering designs
  • Covers 7-layer protocols (particularly data routing layer)
  • Presents novel AI models/algorithms for intelligent UAV swarming/networking control
  • Highlights practical hardware/software implementations for advanced UAV networks

This book is suitable to a variety of audiences: (1) industry UAV R&D engineers, administrators, or technicians, who would like to grasp the latest trends in UAV communications; (2) college graduate students or researchers, who may want to pursue some advanced research on large-scale UAV swarming and networking technologies; (3) government agencies that determine the future society development in this exciting field; and (4) other interested readers with a strong desire to understand the challenges of designing a QoS-oriented UAV network.

The book editors are: Dr. Fei Hu, Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Dr. Xin-Lin Huang, Professor in Information and Communication Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China; and Dr. DongXiu Ou, Professor in Transportation Information Institute at Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

part I|76 pages

UAV Network Architecture

chapter 21|18 pages

Communication Topology Analysis upon a Swarm of UAVs: A Survey

ByChen Wang, Jin Zhao

chapter 2|16 pages

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation Using Deep Learning

ByYongzhi Yang, Kenneth G. Ricks, Fei Hu

chapter 3|18 pages

Formation Control of Networked UAVs

ByGuiqin Yang, Fei Hu

chapter 4|22 pages

5G-Enabled UAV Communications

ByIftikhar Rasheed, Fei Hu, Niloofar Toorchi

part II|36 pages

UAV Mobility

chapter 785|16 pages

Machine Learning for Multi-UAV Mobility Prediction

ByViprav Raju, ShiZe Huang, DongXiu Ou

chapter 6|18 pages

Routing and Mobility Models for Ad Hoc UAV Networks

ByJared Helton, Qian Mao, Immanuel Manohar, Fei Hu, Haijun Wang

part III|56 pages

Communication Protocols

chapter 1147|14 pages

Skeleton Extraction of Routing Topology in UAV Networks

ByZhe Chu, Lin Zhang, Zhijing Ye, Fei Hu, Bao Ke

chapter 8|18 pages

Routing in 3D UAV Swarm Networks

ByKatelyn Isbell, Yang-Ki Hong, Fei Hu

chapter 9|22 pages

UAV Protocol Design for Computation Applications

ByImmanuel Manohar, Qian Mao

part IV|72 pages

Reliability and Security

chapter 17010|22 pages

The Future of Directional Airborne Network (DAN): Toward an Intelligent, Resilient Cross-Layer Protocol Design with Low-Probability Detection (LPD) Considerations

ByFei Hu, Yu Gan, Niloofar Toorchi, Iftikhar Rasheed, Sunil Kumar, Xin-Lin Huang

chapter 11|14 pages

UAV Security Threats, Requirements and Solutions

ByTonmoy Ghosh, Iftikhar Rasheed, Niloofar Toorchi, Fei Hu

chapter 12|16 pages

Jamming Attacks and Countermeasures in UAV Networks

ByDelwar Hossain, Qian Mao, Immanuel Manohar, Fei Hu

chapter 13|18 pages

Resilient UAV Networks: Solutions and Trends

ByZhiyong Xia, Fei Hu, Nathan Jeong, Iftikhar Rasheed

part V|60 pages

Hardware and Software Implementations

chapter 24214|16 pages

Empirical Evaluation of a Complete Hardware and Software Solution for UAV Swarm Networks

ByCarlos Felipe Emygdio De Melo, Maik Basso, Marcos Rodrigues Vizzotto, Matheus Schein Cavalheiro Correa, T'U Lio Dapper E Silva, Edison Pignaton De Freitas

chapter 15|24 pages

Efficient and Robust Unmanned Aircraft C-Band Communication System

ByDominik Rieth

chapter 16|18 pages

An Analysis of the SwarmOS Framework for UAV Swarms: Usage in Mission Plan for Rural Applications

ByPablo César C. Ccori, Flávio Soares Corrêa da Silva, Laisa C. Costa de Biase, Arthur Miyazaki, Marcelo Knörich Zuffo, Paul Chung