Trace Determination of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates: Application in Artificially Polluted Soil Carrots System; Are Biogenic Emissions a Significant Source of Summertime Atmospheric Toluene in the Rural Northeastern United States?; Mathematical Modeling of Perfect Decoupled Control System and Its Application: A Reverse Osmosis Desalination Industrial-Scale Unit; Tula Industrial Complex (Mexico) Emissions of SO2 and NO2 During the MCMA 2006 Field Campaign Using a Mobile Mini-DOAS System; Hit from Both Sides: Tracking Industrial and Volcanic Plumes in Mexico City with Surface Measurements and OMI SO2 Retrievals During the MILAGRO Field Campaign; Characterization of a Glucanase Produced by Rhizopus microsporus var. microsporus, and Its Potential for Application in the Brewing Industry; Chemical Analysis and Risk Assessment of Diethyl Phthalate in Alcoholic Beverages with Special Regard to Unrecorded Alcohol; Effects of Photochemical Formation of Mercuric Oxide; more; Index