This conference main theme is "Overcoming Global Health Challenges through Nursing Education, Research and Technology". Topics of interests cover all theoretical and practical aspects of nursing and health sciences in broad spectrum. This will provide an excellent knowledge and information across academicians, professionals, and government to optimize healthcare quality and safety around the globe.

chapter |12 pages

Development of Anticipated Physiological Falls Prevention Ingenuities Bundles: A Preliminary Report

ByGoventhamah Subramaniam, Aini Ahmad, Zarin Ikmal Zan Mohd Zain

chapter |10 pages

Enhancement of Caring Behavior and Caring Competency Among Nursing Students

ByNordianna Seman, Aini Ahmad

chapter |7 pages

Evaluation of Integrated Nursing Progress Note Inpatient Ward in Aceh Hospitals, Indonesia

ByYuswardi, Miza Azliani, Hajjul Kamil

chapter |7 pages

Effects of Using High Fidelity Mannequins on Skill and Knowledge of Nursing Students When Practicing Nebulizer Use

ByBudi Satria, Ardia Putra, Yuswardi, Juanita, Darmawati, Hajjul Kamil

chapter |12 pages

The Development of Intervention Memory-Executive Function Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors with Chemobrain

ByHilman Syarif, Agung Waluyo, Yati Afiyanti, Muchtaruddin Mansyur, Kemala Rita

chapter |7 pages

Family Empowerment of Patients with Hypertension in Preventing Stroke

ByMarlina, Badaruddin, Fikarwin Zuska, Rahayu Lubis

chapter |8 pages

Factors Affecting Low Birth Weight Babies in a Hospital

ByImelda, Sri Intan Rahayuningsih, Nova Fajri, Dara Febriana, Refni Yulisa

chapter |7 pages

Effectiveness of Audio Murottal Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

ByHernita, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah, Teuku Tahlil

chapter |8 pages

Four-Handed Method Improves Neonates’ Comfort During Suctioning

ByNova Fajri, Yeni Rustina

chapter |9 pages

Cognitive Function, Sosial Support and a Depression in Institutionalized Older Adults

ByNurhasanah, Juanita, Jufrizal, Dara Febriana

chapter |9 pages

Cognitive Function and Falls Among Elderly

ByKhairani, Fityah Rasyiqah, Muhammad Yusuf

chapter |11 pages

Quality of Life in Elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Aceh Regency

ByYunita Sari, Kartini Hasballah, Suryane Sulistiana Susanti

chapter |12 pages

Development of Care Dependency Measurement Tool for Indonesian Home Dwelling Older Adults: Analysis of Content Validity

ByDara Febriana, Sang-arun Isaramalai, Patcharee Komjakraphan

chapter |6 pages

Depression and Nutritional Status of Teenagers Following 2016 Aceh Earthquake

ByAsmaul Husna, Sulastri, Marthoenis

chapter |5 pages

Anxiety and Sleep Quality of Adolescents in Earthquake Affected and Non-Affected Areas

ByMeutia Kamalat Shah, Imran, Marthoenis

chapter |4 pages

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety Among Earthquake Affected Adolescents

ByAdnani Ilyas, Hizir Sofyan, M Dirhamsyah

chapter |13 pages

Utilizing Educational Media of Disaster Mitigation on Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness for Inpatient Families in Hospital

ByCut Husna, Muzar Hafni, Mustanir Yahya, Hajjul Kamil, Teuku Tahlil

chapter |12 pages

Determinants of Medication Adherence in Adults with Hypertension

ByZulkarnaini, Asniar, Kartini Hasballah

chapter |9 pages

Organizational Factors of Patient Safety and Handover in a General Hospital

ByHenki Adisa Putra, Endang Mutiawati R, Hajjul Kamil

chapter |11 pages

Exploring Efforts to Prevent Smoking Behavior for Adolescents: A Qualitative Study in Indonesia

ByFithria, Muhammad Adlim, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah, Teuku Tahlil

chapter |12 pages

Psychological Well-Being of Disabled People: Preliminary Mixed-Method Study in Aceh, Indonesia

BySuryane Sulistiana Susanti, Fitri Ningsih, Husna Hidayati, Putri Mayasari

chapter |7 pages

Associated Factors of Quality of Life Among Menopausal Women in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

ByDonny Hendra, Asniar, Mudatsir

chapter |9 pages

The Effectiveness of Positive Self-Talk Interventions on Increasing Coping Mechanisms in Preventing Bullying

ByMeutia Chaizuran, Teuku Tahlil, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah

chapter |5 pages

Types of Family Supports in the Prevention of Dengue Fever: A Qualitative Study

ByHusnaina Ismaituti, Hermansyah, Teuku Tahlil

chapter |13 pages

Best Practices Approach Towards 100% Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign in Indonesia

ByFarah Diba, Marthoenis, Maulina

chapter |15 pages

Traditional Beliefs and Practices Regarding Pregnancy of Acehnese Woman: A Qualitative Approach

ByDarmawati, Masyithah Audina, Tongku Nizwan Siregar, Hajjul Kamil, Teuku Tahlil

chapter |13 pages

The Factors Affecting the Achievement of Exclusive Breastfeeding Implementation

ByImam Maliki, Mudatsir, Hajjul Kamil

chapter |8 pages

Internet Gaming Disorder Among Indonesian Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study

ByHafizh Rizky, Hasmila Sari, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah, Marthoenis

chapter |10 pages

Exploring Islamic Values to Develop School Based Anti-Stigma Interventions: Study Protocol

ByAiyub, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah, Marthoenis, Asnawi Abdullah, Hizir

chapter |10 pages

The Effectiveness of Psychoeducation on Knowledge, Anxiety Level and Coping Mechanism of Mothers Towards Immunization of their Children

ByMela Hayani, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah, Dara Febriana, Teuku Tahlil