This was the first conference organized by the school of Computer Science Engineering in VIT-AP University campus with
the cumulative efforts of all the faculty members. The proceedings discusses recent advancements and novel ideas in areas of interest. It covers topics such as advances in computer based systems, processes and applications

part |31 pages

Computer Based Systems

chapter 1|12 pages

A Short Survey of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

ByV. Lakshmi Chetana, Soma Sekhar Kolisetty, K. Amogh

chapter 2|12 pages

A Brief Visit to the Landscape of Cloud DDoS Attacks

ByB. Raj kumar, Amogh Katti

chapter 3|5 pages

Comparative Study of Image Colorization Neural Network Models

BySudhakar Putheti, Kurmala Gowri Raghavendra Narayan

part |45 pages

Computer Based Processes

chapter 4|13 pages

Range Doppler ISAR Imaging Using Chirp Pulse

ByG. V. Sai Swetha, P. Anjali Reddy, A. Naga Jyothi

chapter 5|9 pages

Trust-Based Hybrid IDS for Rushing Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks

ByK. Ganesh Reddy, P. Santhi Thilagam

chapter 6|14 pages

Text Mining from Internet Resources Using Information Retrieval Techniques

ByZ. Sunitha Bai, M. Sreelatha

chapter 7|5 pages

Image Based Centroid Selection for Clustering

ByGagan Kumar Koduru, Nageswara Rao Kuda, Anupama Namburu

part |106 pages

Computer Based Applications

chapter 8|8 pages

Single Valued Triangular Neutrosophic Fuzzy C-Means for Mr. Brain Image Segmentation

ByAnupama Namburu, Sibi chakkaravarthy, Meenalosini Vimal Cruz, Hari Seetha

chapter 9|7 pages

Real-Time 2D Avatar Lip Syncing for the on Demand Interactive Chatbots

ByVenkata Susmitha Lalam, Abhinav Dayal, Sajid Vali Rehman Sheik, Vinay Kumar Adabala

chapter 10|9 pages

DCNN-SVM: A New Approach for Lung Cancer Detection

ByBibhuprasad Sahu, Amrutanshu Panigrahi, Saroj Kumar Rout

chapter 11|9 pages

Multi-Modal Medical Image Fusion Based on Gradient Domain Guided Image Filter

ByK. Vanitha, D. Satyanarayana, M. N. Giri Prasad

chapter 12|9 pages

A Brief Analysis on the Top Performing Companies Across the Globe

ByKalluri Lakshmi Prathyush, Hari Kishan Kondaveeti

chapter 13|7 pages

Smart Home Security System

ByVemireddy Sai sindhu reddy, P. V. K. Sai, Anupama Namburu

chapter 14|9 pages

Brain Tumour Classification Using Convolution Neural Networks

ByPrathibha Goriparthi, Madhav V. Srinu, M. Narendra

chapter 15|15 pages

Prediction of Crop Yield Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Concise Review

ByGeetha Pratyusha Miriyala, Arun Kumar Sinha

chapter 16|8 pages

Design of Mems Model to Study the Radiation Effects on Brain Tumour

ByShameem Syed, S. Arunmetha, Haritha C.H. Sri, Sindhu G. Chandana, K. Sambasivarao

chapter 17|7 pages

An Improved Telecommunication Churn Prediction System by PPFCM Clustering Hybrid Model

ByJ. Vijaya, S. Srimathi, S. Karthikeyan, S. Siddarth

chapter 18|8 pages

Grammar Expert an Automated Essay Scoring Application

ByVikash Varma Sayyaparaju, Ramya Bhargavi Pichukala, Vidyadhari Tummalapalli, Abhinav Dayal