Design is about the creation of meaningful connections to solve problems and advance human wellbeing; the discipline has always explored the beneficial links between form and function, technology and meaning, beauty and utility, people and artefacts and problems and solutions, among others. This book focuses on the crucial connection between design research and design education.

Contemporary society grows increasingly hyper-complex and globally competitive. This state of affairs raises fundamental questions for both Design Education and Design Research: Should research skills be integrated into undergraduate courses? How can we modify design courses without compromising the positive aspects of the educational studio experience? Can the three cycles of higher education in design be combined into a creative and inquisitive educational continuum?

To examine the relationship between research and education in Design we must address the topic of knowledge, keeping in mind that the development and dissemination of new and useful knowledge is the core purpose of a University. If we agree that design has its own things to know and ways to find out about them, then design knowledge resides in people, processes, products, and philosophy. This book explores the intersection of these four areas with the aim of uncovering insights to advance the current state of the design discipline.

part |74 pages

Design & Pedagogy

chapter |9 pages

Teaching interaction design: A theoretical framework

ByM. Neves

chapter |10 pages

Pastiche plus; styles, philosophies and advanced design skills

ByN. Middelham, W. Eggink

chapter |8 pages

Ecoliteracy: Shaping the design process from a systems-based perspective

ByR. Lopez-Leon, A.G. Encino-Muñoz

chapter |10 pages

Exploring question asking practices in a design pre-jury

ByE.S. Himaki

part |44 pages

Design Studio

chapter |10 pages

Immersive behaviour setting in architectural education

ByH. Sopher, D. Fisher-Gewirtzman

chapter |9 pages

Integrating immersive visualization laboratory into a design studio

ByO. Nezer, D. Fisher-Gewirtzman

part |26 pages

Visual Design Representations

chapter |9 pages

Pinpointing fragility through the act of drawing as a moment of embodiment

ByL. De Brabander, T. Lagrange, J. Van Den Berghe

chapter |8 pages

Integrating visual and narrative reflective components in architecture pedagogy

ByK. Shoham, E. Eizenberg, I. Aravot

part |60 pages

Research in Design

chapter |10 pages

Mapping the territories around Design Research: A four-layer analysis

ByV. Clemente, K. Tschimmel, F. Pombo

chapter |9 pages

A framework to analyse PhD theses in design

ByR. Almendra, J. Ferreira

chapter |8 pages

Tools, methods or theories in design research?

ByR. Herriott, C. Akoglu

chapter |10 pages

A roadmap for a hot air balloon journey? A grounded design research approach

ByI. Veiga, P.C. Monteiro, J. Ferreira

chapter |13 pages

On the brink of dissipation: The reactivation of narrative heritage and material craftsmanship through design research

ByH. Alvelos, S. Barreto, A. Chatterjee, E. Penedos-Santiago Penedos-Santiago

chapter |8 pages

REDES – The vision for a research group on research & education in design

ByR. Almendra, J. Ferreira

part |16 pages

Design Thinking

chapter |4 pages

Design at Stanford: The D.school’s Daddy

ByS. McCarthy

chapter |10 pages

Industrial designers problem-solving and designing: An EEG study

ByS. Vieira, J.S. Gero, J. Delmoral, M. Parente, A.A. Fernandes, V. Gattol, C. Fernandes

part |28 pages

Beyond the Classroom

chapter |8 pages

Design Education for the 21st Century: The multiple faces of disciplinarity

ByS. Antunes, R. Almendra

chapter |8 pages

Parergon in K Magazine

ByP.C. Viegas

part |32 pages

Design & Society

chapter |8 pages

Design & entrepreneurship – a reflection on the approximation of areas

ByB.R. Moreira, A.C. Dias, N. Plentz, R. Almendra

chapter |7 pages

Teaching of design for social innovation in Portugal: Perspectives for its improvement

ByN. Plentz, C. Miolo, R. Almendra

chapter |8 pages

Design education for theatre regarding craft-design alliance

ByL. Soares, E. Aparo, R.A. Almendra, F.M. da Silva

chapter |7 pages

Gender and territories of design research

ByA.C. Dias, B.R. Moreira, N. Plentz

part |40 pages

Community-based Research

chapter |6 pages

Care for veterans and their healthcare

ByE. Morshedzadeh, C.B. Arena, J.L. Robertson, A.A. Muelenaer, P. VandeVord, B.D. Hendershot, E.A. Lianos

chapter |8 pages

Designing integrated solutions for resource-limited societies

ByS. Jagtap, T. Larsson

chapter |10 pages

Fostering empathy through design thinking among children in rural Trinidad

ByL. Noel, T.L. Liu, T.R. Rider

chapter |14 pages

Empowering design innovation in Albania: Curriculum design methodologies and approaches

ByJ. Dhiamandi, V. Perna, S. Jojic, E. Curraj