It has been suggested that agriculture may account for up to 24% of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) contributing to climate change. At the same time climate change is threatening to disrupt agricultural production. This collection reviews key research addressing this challenge.

Climate change is the biggest challenge agriculture faces. Part 1 of this collection reviews current research on the impacts of climate change on agriculture, such as the effects of increased temperatures, as well as the ways these impacts can be modelled. Part 2 assesses what we know about the contribution of agriculture to climate change, including the impacts of both crop and livestock production as well as land use. Part 3 surveys mitigation strategies to achieve a more ‘climate-smart’ agriculture such as the role of integrated crop-livestock and agroforestry systems.

part Part 1|96 pages

The impacts of climate change on agriculture

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Effects of climate change on agricultural soils

ByKennedy Were, Bal Ram Singh

chapter Chapter 3|42 pages

Modeling the effects of climate change on agriculture: a focus on cropping systems

ByM. Adam, K. J. Boote, G. N. Falconnier, C. H. Porter, E. Eyshi Rezaei, H. Webber

part Part 2|176 pages

The contribution of agriculture to climate change

chapter Chapter 4|38 pages

Quantifying the role of livestock in climate change

ByJulie Wolf

chapter Chapter 5|30 pages

The role of crop cultivation in contributing to climate change

BySonali Shukla McDermid, David Kanter

chapter Chapter 7|78 pages

Measuring and quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities

ByMohammad Ibrahim Khalil, Syed Faiz-ul Islam, Macdara O'Neill, Bruce Osborne

part Part 3|102 pages

Adaption and mitigation strategies in agriculture

chapter Chapter 8|44 pages

Climate-smart crop production: understanding complexity for achieving triple-wins

ByKatrien Descheemaeker, Pytrik Reidsma, Ken E. Giller

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

The contribution of integrated crop–livestock systems in combatting climate change and improving resilience in agricultural production to achieve food security

ByMark van Wijk, James Hammond, Simon Fraval, Jannike Wichern, Randall Ritzema, Ben Henderson

chapter Chapter 10|36 pages

Agroforestry as a solution for multiple climate change challenges in Africa

ByC. Mbow, E. Toensmeier, M. Brandt, D. Skole, M. Dieng, D. Garrity, B. Poulter