This book offers a diverse set of solid concerted strategies in the development and implementation of specific "climate actions," in natural and built places where we all live. The book also serves as a conduit of knowledge for those who are unsure on how they can make a difference for their families, their communities, and the natural places that surround them. Through many actionable examples of mitigation efforts for the ever-present effects of climate change, especially for those who may not understand the wide range of climate action opportunities that are available. Scientists, academics, and community leaders, will find concrete examples on how they too, can develop and implement climate action solutions.

chapter 1|6 pages

Our Local and Practical Places

ByBrenda Groskinsky

chapter 2|28 pages

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Limiting Degradation of Soil and Water Resources
ByRichard M. Cruse, Enheng Wang, Chunmei Wang, Fernando García-Préchac, Panos Panagos, Baoyuan Liu, Emily Heaton, Dennis Todey

chapter 3|30 pages

The Psychology of Energy Efficiency

ByKristin Riott

chapter 4|36 pages

Climate Change in Grassland Ecosystems

Current Impacts and Potential Actions for a Sustainable Future
ByJesse Nippert, Seton Bachle, Rachel Keen, Emily Wedel

chapter 5|28 pages

Securing Urban Water Systems in a Changing Climate in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

BySasha Harris-Lovett, Richard G. Luthy

chapter 6|34 pages

An Eye to the Future – Implementing Climate-Resilient Approaches to Land and Water Conservation in the State of Minnesota

ByBeverly Rinke, Haley Golz, Kris Larson, Nicholas Bancks, Virginia Breidenbach, Wayne Ostlie, Net Phillips, Ruurd Schoolderman

chapter 7|34 pages


Biocultural Restoration of Whitebark Pine on the Flathead Reservation
ByMichael Durglo, Richard G. Everett, Tony Incashola, Maureen I. McCarthy, ShiNaasha H. Pete, Joshua M. Rosenau, Thompson Smith, Shirley Trahan, Anne A. Carlson

chapter 8|4 pages

It Is People Who Implement Climate Actions

ByBrenda Groskinsky