Teaching and Mobile Learning: Interactive Educational Design is a groundbreaking book which shows how to design innovative educational mobile learning environments to instructional designers, curriculum developers, and learning professionals. The book aims to solicit teachers, educators, and practitioners to adapt their teaching with the help of educational digital models related to mobile technologies. Mobile learning is a revolution in concepts like space, sound production, and learning to get more and more customized in always-connected and ever-changing educational mobile learning environments. Researchers and academicians can be trained in cognition processes in learning management of mixed reality and virtual bodies. Mixed reality mobile technologies are becoming tools for education and training in mixed reality mobile learning.

Readers of this book will understand how user and device innovative interactions are borderline with attention deficit disorder, digital amnesia, and information overload. The book develops educational knowledge on how to manage mobile technology and specific learning disorders to monitor the use of smartphones and technology tools and to empower their role in learning enhancement processes.

part I|72 pages

Flavia Santoianni

part II|41 pages

Corrado Petrucco