This important new volume discusses the role of emotion, resilience, and well-being in many contexts of human life, including home, school, and workplace. Leading researchers and academicians from around the world and from various fields—such as health, education, information and technology, military, and manufacturing—explore the theoretical and practical implications of many studies in this area. They present new concepts, models, and knowledge for practical applications that address challenges to well-being. The volume also considers the roles of several other influencing factors, such as emotional intelligence, performance, productivity, and employee’s health and happiness.

The book’s editors state that, “At this juncture of human and technological development, when artificial intelligence and automation are slowly taking over the world, holding on to the study of emotions, well-being, and resilience has become imperative, as these influence sustainable performances and growth by individuals as well as organizations.”

part I|191 pages

Emotion, Well-Being, and Resilience in Clinical and Counseling Context

part II|88 pages

Resilience and Well-Being in Home, School, Community, and Sports Environments

part III|114 pages

Emotion, Resilience, and Well-Being in Work and Organizational Context

chapter Chapter 19|14 pages

Positive Emotions at Workplace

part IV|91 pages

Resilience in Extreme Environment

chapter Chapter 28|14 pages

Terrorism, Emotion, and Well-Being