This book deals with all the tasks related to brick and stone masonry structures, from the initial identification of defects and their diagnosis to their treatment and monitoring of its cost-effectiveness. It is written in the context of bridges and their associated retaining walls in the U.K.

part Part One|31 pages


chapter Chapter one|14 pages

The approach to maintenance

ByA.M. Sowden

chapter Chapter two|4 pages


ByJ. Morton

chapter Chapter three|3 pages

Natural stonework

ByB.A. Richardson

chapter Chapter four|7 pages


ByR. C. de Vekey

part Part Two|81 pages

Inspection, investigation and assessment

chapter Chapter five|27 pages

Inspection and recording

ByA.M. Sowden

chapter Chapter six|18 pages

The experimental investigation of defects

ByV.K. Sunley

chapter Chapter seven|33 pages

Assessment of the load carrying capacity of arch bridges

ByM.A. Crisfield, J. Page

part Part Three|105 pages

Deterioration: causes, characteristics and counter measures

chapter Chapter eight|23 pages

Deterioration of materials

ByA. M. Sowden

chapter Chapter nine|16 pages

Defects originating in the ground

ByC.J.F.P. Jones

chapter Chapter ten|26 pages

Defects due to wear and tear

ByA.M. Sowden, C.J.F.P. Jones

chapter Chapter eleven|13 pages

Defects due to water

ByJ. Powell

chapter Chapter twelve|19 pages

Defects due to human actions and accidents

ByA.M. Sowden

chapter Chapter thirteen|3 pages

Defects due to vegetation

ByA.M. Sowden

part Part Four|70 pages

Remedial techniques

chapter Chapter fourteen|5 pages

Mechanical (or pressure) pointing

ByD.J. Ayres

chapter Chapter fifteen|9 pages


ByW.B. Long

chapter Chapter sixteen|13 pages

Sprayed concrete

ByW.B. Long

chapter Chapter seventeen|10 pages

Mini pile underpinning

ByI.W. Ellis

chapter Chapter eighteen|8 pages


ByI.W. Ellis

chapter Chapter nineteen|11 pages

Ground anchors

ByI.W. Ellis

chapter Chapter twenty|8 pages


ByR.O. Hall

part Part Five|77 pages

Special types of structure

chapter Chapter twenty-one|28 pages


ByA.M. Sowden

chapter Chapter twenty-two|15 pages

Sewers and culverts

ByG.F. Read

chapter Chapter twenty-three|11 pages

Structures in maritime locations

ByA.D.M. Bellis

chapter Chapter twenty-four|12 pages

Dry stone walls

ByC.J.F.P. Jones

chapter Chapter twenty-five|4 pages

Structures of historic interest

ByR. L. Mills

chapter Chapter twenty-six|3 pages


ByA.M. Sowden