X-Ray Lasers 1996 provides not only an overview and progress report on this fast moving field, but also important reference material on which future work can be built. Topics covered include collisional x-ray lasers, table-top x-ray lasers, beam optics, x-ray optics, OFI and photo-pumped schemes, capillary schemes, international laser facilities, XUV nonlinear mixing, alternative soft x-ray sources, diagnostics, and applications. The volume is an essential addition to the libraries of researchers in the field.

section |39 pages

Overviews of X-ray lasers

section |62 pages

Collisionally pumped X-ray lasers

section |34 pages

Recombination X-ray lasers

section |40 pages

OFI and photopumped X-ray lasers

section |24 pages

Discharge-pumped X-ray lasers

section |40 pages

Table-top X-ray lasers

section |34 pages

X-ray lasers utilising the prepulse and multiple pulse techniques

section |38 pages

X-ray laser drivers and new pumping approaches

chapter |8 pages

International Laser Facilities

section |35 pages

Modelling of X-ray lasers and laser plasmas

section |25 pages

X-ray optics and devices

section |48 pages

Diagnostics of X-ray laser media

section |60 pages

Alternative X-ray sources

section |46 pages

Applications of X-ray lasers