Focuses on complex naturally occurring and synthetic supramolecular arrays. The text describes applications of photochemistry in cystalline organic matrices; covers two-component crystals - crystalline molecular compounds, mixed crystals and simple mechanical mixtures - in solid and liquid phases; assesses photoinduced fragmentation of carbon-heteroatom bonds; and more.

chapter 1|70 pages

Solid-State Organic Photochemistry of Mixed Molecular Crystals

ByYoshikatsu Ito

chapter 2|60 pages

Asymmetric Photochemical Reactions in Solution

BySimon R. L. Everitt, Yoshihisa Inoue

chapter 3|37 pages

Photochemical cis-trans Isomerization in the Triplet State

ByTatsuo Arai

chapter 4|41 pages

Photochemical cis-trans Isomerization from the Singlet Excited State

ByV. Jayathirtha Rao

chapter 5|71 pages

Photochemical Cleavage Reactions of Benzyl–Heteroatom Sigmo Bonds

BySteven A. Fleming, James A. Pincock

chapter 6|57 pages

Photophysical Probes for Organized Assemblies

ByKankan Bhattacharyya