This book attempts to encompass in-process measurement and control holistically as opposed to dealing with the bits and pieces. It discusses various types of sensors and strategies for using the data derived from the sensors in a closed-loop feedback arrangement.

chapter 1|10 pages

Concepts of In-Process Measurement and Control

ByStephan D. Murphy

chapter 2|34 pages

In-Process Gauging Sensors

ByStephan D. Murphy

chapter 3|34 pages

Laser Telemetric System

ByFrank C. Demarest, James Soobitsky, Carl A. Zanoni

chapter 4|60 pages

In-Process Optical Gauging for Numerical Machine Tool Control

BySteven Sahajdak

chapter 5|58 pages

In-Process Inspection with Air Gauges

ByRobert A. Thompson

chapter 6|26 pages

In-Process Inspection System Using Tool-Touch Auditron

ByWilliam S. Mcknight

chapter 7|32 pages

Sources of Error in Machining Centers and Corrective Techniques

ByEric Kline, W. Andrew Haggerty

chapter 8|24 pages

Machine Vision Applications in Machining and Forming Processes

ByWalter J. Pastorius

chapter 9|16 pages

Fiber Optic Probes for In-Process Control

ByCurtis D. Kissinger

chapter 10|33 pages

Quality and Automated Process Gauging

ByThomas H. George