This work is based on the proceedings of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Spring National Meeting in Houston, Texas, March 28 to April 1, 1993. It details various facets of residue upgrading and distillate hydrotreating, stressing the importance of selective catalysts in aromatics reduction. New aromatics saturation processes for the production of very low-aromatic distillates are introduced.

part |54 pages

Catalyst Deactivation

chapter 1|31 pages

Catalyst Deactivation in Hydrotreating of Residua: A Review

ByC. H. Bartholomew

chapter 2|22 pages

Catalyst Deactivation in Residue Hydrocracking

ByMichael C. Oballa, Chi Wong, Andrzej Krzywicki

part |180 pages

Upgrading of Heavy Oils and Residue

chapter 3|15 pages

Resid Hydrocracking: New Frontiers

ByG. Nongbri, G. A. Clausen, J. R. Huang, D. E. Self, C. A. Paul, A. I. Rodarte

chapter 5|24 pages

Rapid Hydropyrolosis of Resid Oil

ByV.K. Mathur, M.A. Salahuddin, A.R. Mohamed

chapter 6|16 pages

Residue Upgrading by Hydrovisbreaking and Hydrotreating

ByStuart S. Shih

chapter 7|16 pages

Mild Hydrocracking of Heavy Oils with Modified Alumina Based Catalysts

ByE. P. Dai, C. N. Campbell

chapter 9|16 pages

Fate of Asphaltenes During Hydroprocessing of Heavy Petroleum Residues

ByA. Stanislaus, M. Absi-Halabi, Z. Khan

chapter 10|28 pages

Catalyst Poisoning During Tar-Sands Bitumen Upgrading

ByJ. D. Carruthers, J. S. Brinen, D. A. Komar, S. Greenhouse

chapter 11|16 pages

Comparison of Unimodal Versus Bimodal Pore Catalysts in Residues Hydrotreating

ByM. Absi-Halabi, A. Stanislaus, H. Al-Zaid

chapter 12|16 pages

A Study of Aluminophosphate Supported Ni-Mo Catalysts for Hydrocracking Bitumen

ByKevin J. Smith, Leszek Lewkowicz, Michael C. Oballa, Andrzej Krzywicki

part |138 pages

Hydrotreating of Distillates

chapter 15|12 pages

Production of Swedish Class I Diesel Using Dual-Stage Process

ByBarry H. Cooper, Peter Søgaard-Andersen, Peter Nielsen-Hannerup

chapter 16|24 pages

Shell Middle Distillate Hydrogenation Process

ByJ.P. Lucien, J.P. van den Berg, G. Germaine, H.M.J.H. van Hooijdonk, M. Gjers, G.L.B. Thielemans

chapter 17|14 pages

A Comparative Study of Catalysts for the Deep Aromatic Reduction in Hydrotreated Gas Oil

ByN. Marchal, S. Kasztelan, S. Mignard

chapter 18|28 pages

Unionfining: Technical Case Studies

ByTuan A. Nguyen, Skripek Milan

chapter 19|16 pages

Effect of H2S on the Functionalities of a Co/Mo/A12O3 Hydrotreating Catalyst

ByJ. van Gestel, J. Leglise, J.-C. Duchet

part |86 pages

General Papers

chapter 22|12 pages

Hydrocracking Phenanthrene and 1-Methyl Naphthalene: Development of Linear Free Energy Relationships

ByR.N. Landau, S.C. Korré, M. Neurock, M. T. Klein, R.J. Quann

chapter 23|14 pages

A Novel Process for Upgrading Heavy Oil Emulsions

ByF.T.T. Ng, R.T. Rintjema

chapter 24|12 pages

Hydroconversion of Methyl-Cyclohexane on a Bifunctional Catalyst

ByS. Mignard, Ph. Caillette, N. Marchal