This book examines the application of fish community characteristics to evaluate the sustainability and biological integrity of freshwaters. Topics include perspectives on use of fish communities as environmental indicators in program development, collaboration, and partnership forming; influence of specific taxa on assessment of the IBI; regional applications for areas where the IBI had not previously been developed; and specific applications of the IBI developed for coldwater streams, inland lakes, Great Lakes, reservoirs, and tailwaters.

section Section I|93 pages


chapter 3|7 pages

Collaboration, Compromise, and Conflict: How to Form Partnerships in Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

ByThomas P. Simon, Robert M. Goldstein, Patricia A. Bailey, Eric Pearson, Michael Ell, Konrad Schmidt, John Emblom, Lynn Schlueter

chapter 5|15 pages

Applications of IBI Concepts and Metrics to Waters Outside the United States and Canada

ByRobert M. Hughes, Thierry Oberdorff

section Section II|152 pages

Guild and Metrics Determination

section Section III|134 pages

Regional Applications of the IBI

chapter 12|37 pages

Classification of Freshwater Fish Species of the Northeastern United States for Use in the Development of Indices of Biological Integrity, with Regional Applications

ByDavid B. Halliwell, Richard W. Langdon, Robert A. Daniels, James P. Kurtenbach, Richard A. Jacobson

chapter 13|28 pages

Development of an Index of Biotic Integrity for the Species-Depauperate Lake Agassiz Plain Ecoregion, North Dakota and Minnesota

ByScott Niemela, Eric Pearson, Thomas P. Simon, Robert M. Goldstein, Patricia A. Bailey

chapter 14|14 pages

Applications of Indices of Biotic Integrity to California Streams and Watersheds

ByPeter B. Moyle, Michael P. Marchetti

section Section IV|202 pages

Application to Freshwater Resource Types Other Than Wadeable Warmwater Streams

chapter 17|11 pages

Considerations for Characterizing Midwestern Large-River Habitats

ByRobin J. Reash

chapter 21|22 pages

Toward the Development of an Index of Biotic Integrity for Inland Lakes in Wisconsin

ByMartin J. Jennings, John Lyons, Edward E. Emmons, Gene R. Hatzenbeler, Michael A. Bozek, Timothy D. Simonson, T. Douglas Beard, Don Fago

chapter 22|20 pages

Development of IBI Metrics for Lakes in Southern New England

ByThomas R. Whittier

section Section V|70 pages

Data Validation

chapter 26|14 pages

Integrating Assessments of Fish and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages and Physical Habitat Condition in Pennsylvania

ByBlaine D. Snyder, James B. Stribling, Michael T. Barbour, Carroll L. Missimer