A Special Publication of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

Aquatic Mesocosm Studies in Ecological Risk Assessment discusses the methods currently used for conducting simulated field studies and provides a series of case histories in which mesocosm type studies have been used to assess the impact of pesticides on aquatic ecosystems. Specific chapters address the dosing and exposure components of such studies and how they influence experimental design. Advantages and disadvantages of various statistical designs are addressed in detail. Regulatory aspects of the design and interpretation of these studies are also covered. The book will be a superb reference for aquatic biologists, ecologists, toxicologists, environmental toxicologists, environmental chemists, and regulatory personnel.

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages


ByRobert L. Graney

section Section I|64 pages

Introduction and Regulatory Background

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Mesocosms in Risk Assessment

ByDouglas J. Urban

chapter Chapter 3|8 pages

EPA Aquatic Mesocosm Study Review

ByCandace A. Brassard, Arthur L. Buikema, Tom A. Bailey, Mary J. Frankenberry, Richard M. Lee, Ann M. Stavola, Clayton L. Stunkard, Leslie W. Touart

chapter Chapter 4|9 pages

Regulatory Endpoints and the Experimental Design of Aquatic Mesocosm Tests

ByLeslie W. Touart

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

Simulated or Actual Field Testing: A Comparison

ByReinhard Fischer

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

Contaminant Effects in Marine/Estuarine Systems: Field Studies and Scaled Simulations

ByJames R. Clark, John L. Noles

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

Introduction and Regulatory Background: Summary and Discussion

ByRobert L. Graney

section Section II|107 pages

Design of Mesocosm Studies and Statistical Analysis of Data

chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Tests of Proportional Means for Mesocosm Studies

ByClayton L. Stunkard

chapter Chapter 9|19 pages

Design and Statistical Analysis of Field Aquatic Mesocosm Studies

ByJennifer L. Shaw, Malcolm Moore, James H. Kennedy, Ian R. Hill

chapter Chapter 10|23 pages

Ecological Development and Biometry of Untreated Pond Mesocosms

ByVan D. Christman, J. Reese Voshell, David G. Jenkins, Michael S. Rosenzweig, Raymond J. Layton, Arthur L. Buikema

chapter Chapter 11|28 pages

Applying Concentration-Response Theory to Aquatic Enclosure Studies

ByDean G. Thompson, Stephen B. Holmes, Douglas G. Pitt, Keith R. Solomon, Kerrie L. Wainio-Keizer

chapter Chapter 12|15 pages

Optimal Design of Aquatic Field Studies

ByRonald R. Regal, Stephen J. Lozano

section Section III|123 pages

Management and Treatment of Mesocosms

chapter Chapter 14|22 pages

Sediment Transfers and Representativeness of Mesocosm Test Fauna

ByLeonard C. Ferrington, Mary Anne Blackwood, Christopher A. Wright, Tracey M. Anderson, David S. Goldhammer

chapter Chapter 15|40 pages

Spray Drift and Runoff Simulations of Foliar-Applied Pyrethroids to Aquatic Mesocosms: Rates, Frequencies, and Methods

ByIan R. Hill, Kim Z. Travis, Paul Ekoniak

chapter Chapter 16|15 pages

Use of Mesocosm Data to Predict Effects in Aquatic Ecosystems: Limits to Interpretation

ByThomas W. La Point, James F. Fairchild

chapter Chapter 17|38 pages

Impact of 2,3,4,6-Tetrachlorophenol (DIATOX®) on Plankton Communities in Limnocorrals

ByKarsten Liber, Keith R. Solomon, Narinder K. Kaushik, John H. Carey

chapter Chapter 18|5 pages

Management and Treatment of Mesocosms: Summary and Discussion

ByRobert L. Graney

section Section IV|100 pages


chapter Chapter 19|18 pages

Fate and Biological Effects of an Herbicide on Two Artificial Pond Ecosystems of Different Size

ByFred Heimbach, Juergen Berndt, Wolfgang Pflueger

chapter Chapter 20|16 pages

Earthen Ponds vs. Fiberglass Tanks as Venues For Assessing the Impact of Pesticides on Aquatic Environments: A Parallel Study With Sulprofos

ByGregory L. Howick, Frank deNoyelles, Jeffrey M. Giddings, Robert L. Graney

chapter Chapter 21|35 pages

Fate and Effects of Cyfluthrin (Pyrethroid Insecticide) in Pond Mesocosms and Concrete Microcosms

ByPhilip C. Johnson, James H. Kennedy, R. Gregg Morris, Faithann E. Hambleton, Robert L. Graney

chapter Chapter 22|23 pages

Pyrethroid Insecticide Effects on Bluegill Sunfish in Microcosms and Mesocosms and Bluegill Impact on Microcosm Fauna

ByR. Gregg Morris, James H. Kennedy, Philip C. Johnson, Faithann E. Hambleton

chapter Chapter 23|4 pages

Scaling: Summary and Discussion

ByJohn H. Rodgers

section Section V|173 pages

Case Histories

chapter Chapter 24|65 pages

Lambda-Cyhalothrin: A Mesocosm Study of Its Effects on Aquatic Organisms

ByIan R. Hill, Jill K. Runnalls, James H. Kennedy, Paul Ekoniak

chapter Chapter 25|27 pages

The Fate and Effects of Guthion (Azinphos Methyl) in Mesocosms

ByJeffrey M. Giddings, Ronald C. Biever, Raymond L. Helm, Gregory L. Howick, Frank J. deNoyelles

chapter Chapter 26|19 pages

Evaluation of the Ecological and Biological Effects of Tralomethrin Utilizing an Experimental Pond System

ByJoseph M. Mayasich, James H. Kennedy, Joseph S. O’Grodnick

chapter Chapter 27|17 pages

Response of Zooplankton to Dursban® 4E Insecticide in a Pond Experiment

ByWillem G.H. Lucassen, Peter Leeuwangh

chapter Chapter 28|34 pages

Algal Periphyton Structure and Function in Response to Consumer Chemicals in Stream Mesocosms

ByScott E. Belanger, James B. Barnum, Daniel M. Woltering, John W. Bowling, Roy M. Ventullo, Scott D. Schermerhorn, Rex L. Lowe

chapter Chapter 29|5 pages

Case Histories: Summary and Discussion

ByJames H. Kennedy

section Section VI|123 pages

Ecosystem Analysis

chapter Chapter 30|27 pages

Aquatic Mesocosms in Ecological Effects Testing: Detecting Direct and Indirect Effects of Pesticides

ByFrank deNoyelles, Sharon L. Dewey, Donald G. Huggins, W. Dean Kettle

chapter Chapter 31|21 pages

On the Use of Ecosystem Stability Measurements in Ecological Effects Testing

BySharon L. Dewey, Frank deNoyelles

chapter Chapter 32|26 pages

Structural Equation Modeling and Ecosystem Analysis

ByMichael L. Johnson, Donald G. Huggins, Frank deNoyelles

chapter Chapter 33|40 pages

The Ecotoxic Effects of Atrazine on Aquatic Ecosystems: An Assessment of Direct and Indirect Effects Using Structural Equation Modeling

ByDonald G. Huggins, Michael L. Johnson, Frank deNoyelles

chapter Chapter 34|5 pages

Ecosystem Analysis: Summary and Discussion

ByJames H. Kennedy