In an exhaustive compilation of current knowledge, Wastewater Treatment covers subjects that run the gamut from wastewater sources, characteristics, and monitoring to chemical treatments and nutrient removal. Thoroughly examining basic and advanced topics, this resource has it all.
The wealth of easy-to-use tables and illustrations provides quick and clear references, making it indispensable. Schematic drawings of equipment and devices explain the technology and techniques. With the level of detail included, you can count on finding both introductory material and very technical answers to complex questions.
It's seamless style clearly delineates what can and must be done to continue to improve the quality of our water. Wastewater Treatment is a valuable resource; appropriate for engineers and students but readable enough for anyone interested in the discipline.

Béla G. Lipták speaks on Post-Oil Energy Technology on the AT&T Tech Channel.

chapter 1|40 pages

Sources and Characteristics

ByLarry W. Canter, Negib Harfouche

chapter 2|64 pages

Monitoring and Analysis

ByBéla G. Lipták

chapter 3|17 pages

Sewers and Pumping Stations

ByRobert D. Buchanan, Mark K. Lee, David H.F. Liu

chapter 4|43 pages

Equalization and Primary Treatment

ByRonald G. Gantz, Janos Lipták, David H.F. Liu

chapter 5|12 pages

Conventional Biological Treatment

ByRobert D. Buchanan, LeRoy H. Reuter

chapter 6|52 pages

Secondary Treatment

ByVan T. Nguyen, Wen K. Shieh

chapter 7|43 pages

Advanced or Tertiary Treatment

ByDon E. Burns, George J. Crits, Donald Dahlstrom, Stacy L. Daniels, Bernardo Rico-Ortega, Chakra J. Santhanam, E. Stuart Savage, Frank P. Sebastian, Gerald L. Shell, Paul L. Stavenger

chapter 8|41 pages

Organics, Salts, Metals, and Nutrient Removal

ByR. David Holbrook, Sun-Nan Hong, Derk T.A. Huibers, Francis X. McGarvey, Chakra J. Santhanam

chapter 9|47 pages

Chemical Treatment

ByDonald B. Aulenbach, Béla G. Lipták, Thomas J. Myron

chapter 10|39 pages

Sludge Stabilization and Dewatering

ByCarl E. Adams, Frank W. Dittman, Drian L. Goodman, Frederick W. Keith, Paul L. Stavenger, Michael S. Switzenbaum

chapter 11|35 pages

Sludge Disposal

ByT.F. Brown, Wayne F. Echelberger, Louis C. Glide, Béla G. Lipták, Joseph G. Rabosky, Frank P. Sebastian, John R. Snell, Michael S. Switzenbaum