The Joint 6th Biennial SGA-SEG Meeting was held in Krakow in August 2001. This volume contains 274 extended abstracts, grouped thematically under 18 session titles covering topics such as lead-zinc deposits; metamorphism affecting mineral deposits; and the environmental aspects of mining.

part Session 1|91 pages

The role of organic matter in the formation of mineral deposits and related environmental issues

part Session 2|74 pages

Lead-zinc deposits

part Session 2-1|24 pages

Geodynamic setting of major basin-hosted lead-zinc mineral provinces

part Session 3|42 pages

Formation and evolution of stratiform copper deposits

part Session 4|102 pages

Styles and global comparison of volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits (VMS)

part Session 5|152 pages

Mineralizing systems associated with acid and intermediate magmas

part Session 5-1|152 pages

Mineralizing systems associated with felsic magmas

part Session 5-2|53 pages

Magmatic hydrothermal Cu-Au-(Mo-Pb-Zn-Ag) systems, with a focus on the Tethyan geodynamic belt

part Session 6|76 pages

Mineral deposits associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks

part Session 6-1|50 pages

Genesis of PGE deposits – Further thoughts 2001

part Session 7|170 pages

Gold and precious metal deposits

part Session 8|58 pages

Metamorphism affecting mineral deposits

part Session 9|50 pages

Industrial mineral deposits

part Session 9-1|37 pages

Magnesite and talc

part Session 10|38 pages

Environmental aspects of mining

part Session 12|30 pages

1073Open session

part Workshop 4|46 pages

Tectonic and metallogeny of Northeastern Asia