Geochemical Processes, Weathering and Groundwater Recharge in Catchments is a specialist book concerned with the natural processes taking place where water interacts with minerals and organic matter at the earth’s surface, in soils or within aquifers. It focuses on the all important interface between the hydrological and geochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystems, and is thus particularly relevant to understanding the environment. The book is intended primarily as a reference text for graduate students in Earth Sciences, Hydrology or Environmental Sciences, but will be a useful introduction to those studying Chemistry, Biology or Forestry Studies. Geochemical Processes, Weathering and Groundwater Recharge in Catchments presents an overview of the current status of knowledge of catchment studies, with an outline of the challenges of future research.


part 1|150 pages

Catchment processes

chapter Chapter 1|17 pages

Weathering processes

ByJames I. Drever

chapter Chapter 2|55 pages

Composition, properties and development of Nordic soils

ByOle K. Borggaard

chapter Chapter 3|31 pages

Catchment hydrology

ByAllan Rodhe, Ânund Killingtveit

chapter Chapter 4|42 pages

Groundwater recharge

ByDavid N. Lerner

part 2|87 pages

Techniques for catchment studies

chapter Chapter 5|14 pages

Chemical analysis of rocks and soils

ByMagne Ødegård

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Collection and analysis of groundwater samples

ByJohn Mather

chapter Chapter 7|26 pages

Environmental isotopes as tracers in catchments

BySylvi Haldorsen, Gunnhild Ruse, Berit Swensen, Ronald S. Sletten

chapter Chapter 8|27 pages

Field instrumentation

ByÂnund Killingtveit, Knut Sand, Nils Roar Sælthun

part 3|153 pages

Integrated catchment studies

chapter Chapter 9|21 pages

Catchment mass balance

ByJames I. Drever

chapter Chapter 10|41 pages

Natural organic matter in catchments

ByJames F. Ranville, Donald L. MaCalady

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

Relationship between rock, soil and groundwater compositions

ByJohn Mather

chapter Chapter 12|52 pages

Towards coupling hydrological, soil and weathering processes within a modelling perspective

ByColin Neal, Alice J. Robson, Nils Christophersen

chapter Chapter 13|11 pages

Chemical changes attending water cycling through a catchment — An overview

ByPatrice de Caritat, Ola M. Sæther