In the past ten years there was a worldwide trend towards increased use of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM's). This trend covers a broad variety of applications ranging both from small diameters for sewers and other utilities to large diameters for double track railway and even three-lane highway tunnels. The response to this has been the development of both hard rock machines in the direction for application in soft ground, and soft ground TBM's to be used in soft rock. Parallel to the technical development of TBM's towards applications for longer tunnels, running through changing geological conditions, there are needs for the development of lining methods. 'TBM Tunnel Trends' an international lecture serie collection, aims to present the latest scientific and practical state of the art of TBM tunnelling, taking into consideration interactions between machinery and lining. 26 international highly recognized papers.

chapter |1 pages

Welcome Address

ByB. Buchberger

chapter |2 pages

Welcome Address of the Government of Upper Austria

ByC. Leitl

part Block A|75 pages

TBM Drive — Technology

chapter |5 pages

TBM Tunnelling Based on Geomechatronic

Keynote Lecture
ByH. Wagner

chapter |14 pages

Decision Aids for Tunnelling

ByH. H. Einstein

chapter |15 pages

Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Slurry Shield Tunneling

ByG. Swoboda, M. Mansour

chapter |11 pages

Design Criteria for TBM’s with Respect to Real Rock Pressure

ByK. H. Gehring

chapter |5 pages

Latest Developments in Mechanised Tunnelling Technology

ByMartin Herrenknecht

chapter |11 pages

Operations Research Aspects of TBM Drives—Case Study of the Wienerwald Tunnel

ByHans Georg Jodl, Rainer Stempkowski

part Block B|40 pages

TBM Automation, Simulation and Quality Control

part |4 pages

Dinner Speech

chapter |2 pages

Dinner Speech

ByS. Pelizza

part Block C|88 pages

TBM Challenges

chapter |11 pages

Experiences in Mechanized Tunnelling

ByS. Babendererde, L. Babendererde

chapter |7 pages

Geotechnical Investigation During TBM Drive at Eole Project, Paris

ByOlivier Bouygues

chapter |8 pages

High Speed Tunnelling in Sydney’s Blue Mountains

ByH. A. Janzon

part Block D|41 pages

TBM Tunnel Lining / Segment Manufacturing

part |6 pages

Closing Lecture

chapter |4 pages

Closing Lecture

ByHarald Wagner