Arising from an international workshop, these papers discuss aspects of wind turbines and the landscape. Topics: Harmonization of wind turbines with landscape; Visual and audio impact of wind turbines; Interference with telecommunication; Impact of wind turbines on birds; Real experiences in different countries; Offshore wind farms; Wind turbines in coastal and mountainous areas; Wind turbines, thunderstorms and lightning; Economic and social impact of wind turbines; Insurance policies regarding wind turbines; Greater public acceptance of wind turbines.

part |28 pages

Keynote lectures

chapter |14 pages

Environmental and territorial aspects of wind farms in Italy

ByB. Bellomo

chapter |12 pages

Wind energy development and landscape in Japan

ByH. Matsumiya

part |132 pages

Selected papers

chapter |12 pages

Visual compatibility of wind power plants with the landscape: Possible methods for preliminary assessment

ByC. Andolina, C. Casale, M. Cingotti, S. Savio

chapter |6 pages

Wind farm lay-out and wind turbine design in relation with the landscape

ByR.A. van Beek, R.E.T. van Roosmalen, C. Bakker

chapter |6 pages

Visual tools for wind farms development

ByS. Avolio, C. Ferrara

chapter |10 pages

Optimising the layout of a wind park in terms of energy output and environmental intrusion

ByA. Georgiopoulos, N. Lymberopoulos, D. Tryfonopoulos

chapter |12 pages

Wind power plant and park facilities in Monte Arci, Sardinia

ByF. Spanedda

chapter |6 pages

Comparative study of visual impact on agricultural constructions and windfarms in Spain*

ByI. Cañas, C. Lago, L. García, M. Ruiz, F. Maseda

chapter |7 pages

Wind farm site selection in Sardinia considering environmental and landscape aspects

ByM. Berrini, V. Tiana, S. Woess-Gallasch, A. Casciu

chapter |10 pages

Nocturnal collision risks of birds with wind turbines in tidal and semi-offshore areas

ByS. Dirksen, J. van der Winden, A.L. Spaans

chapter |8 pages

Wind energy exploitation current status in Greece: Economic and social impacts

ByC.S. Pippos, D.P. Antonopoulos

chapter |6 pages

Wind energy and public acceptance

ByC. Geuzendam

chapter |6 pages

Improving siting acceptance by involvement analysis

ByT. Weller