The theme of the 31st US Symposium on Rock Mechanics is 'Rock Mechanics contributions and challenges', having as objective the examination and quantification of the progress that has been achieved in addressing the major practical challenges facing the science of rock mechanics and mine design.

The 124 papers included in the proceedings cover areas such as: experimental studies (laboratory and field); conceptual, analytical, and numerical modeling; design and construction methods. 35 papers deal with practical mining problems and include information on rock reinforcement technology, blasting, rock bursts, open pit mining, remote sensing and borehole geophysics, mechanical fragmentation, and subsidence. Areas emphasized are coal and metal mine design problems. Other papers deal with the newest computer models, new instruments, fracture mechanics, new laboratory testing techniques, and in situ testing.

part |7 pages

Extended abstracts of award winning papers

chapter |2 pages

Basic Research Award

ByStephen R. Brown

chapter |2 pages

Applied Research Award

ByNobuo Morita, Donald L. Whitfill, Ole Nygaard, Arthur Bale

chapter |1 pages

Case History Award

ByBarry Voight

part 1|66 pages

The Canadian connection

chapter |4 pages

A new initiative in Canadian rock mechanics research

ByP.K. Kaiser, E. Hoek, W.F. Bawden

chapter |12 pages

Seven years of in situ stress measurements at the URL An overview

ByC.D. Martin, R.S. Read, P.A. Lang

chapter |8 pages

In situ stress determination by stress change monitoring

ByD. Zou, P.K. Kaiser

chapter |8 pages

An innovative micro-seismic source location technique

ByM. Ge, P.K. Kaiser

chapter |8 pages

A case history of Inco’s Copper Cliff North Mine

ByD.M. Morrison, J.E. Galbraith

chapter |8 pages

Deformation monitoring of a rock mass subjected to elevated temperatures and pressures

ByD.F. Wood, R.D. Hammett, A.W. Stokes, J.A. Haston

chapter |8 pages

Design challenges in the Chaglla hydroelectric scheme

ByD.F. Wood, G. Ambrosii

part 2|43 pages

Coal mine stability

part 3|66 pages

Coal mining

chapter |8 pages

Dimensioning pillars with yield zones

ByM. Bai, D. Elsworth

chapter |8 pages

Pillar stability in ultra-close seam mining

ByY. Zhou, C. Haycocks

chapter |8 pages

Case study on the use of grouted support in a two-entry gate road

ByS. P. Signer, S.D. Jones

chapter |8 pages

The effects of roof and floor interface slip on coal pillar behavior

ByA.T. Iannacchione

chapter |8 pages

Mechanism of caving in longwall coal mining

ByM.D.G. Salamon

chapter |7 pages

Determination of an intensity function for subsidence prediction

ByT.L. Triplett, D.W. Yurchak

part 4|32 pages

Coal strata

chapter |8 pages

Development of a model to predict longwall gas emissions resulting from overburden failure

ByM.A. Trevits, F. Garcia, F.E. McCall

chapter |8 pages

Probabilistic techniques in roof failure prediction

ByR. Fraher, Y. Zhou, C. Haycocks

chapter |8 pages

Void diffusion models for analysis and prediction of mine subsidence

ByQ.-W. Hao, W.-M. Ma

part 5|68 pages


chapter |8 pages

Probabilistic prediction of keyblock occurrences

ByS.F. Hoerger, D.S. Young

chapter |8 pages

A mathematical model for the shear behavior or a dilatant rock joint

ByS. Saeb, B. Amadei

chapter |7 pages

Shear strength of joint surface profiles

ByT.-S. Ueng, W.-C. Chang

chapter |8 pages

Hierarchical fracture trace model

ByJ.-S. Lee, D. Veneziano, H.H. Einstein

chapter |8 pages

Surface roughness and the physical properties of fractures

ByS.R. Brown

chapter |8 pages

Statistical description of the surface roughness of rock joints

ByH. Liu, R.L. Sterling

part 6|26 pages

Fracture mechanics

part 7|42 pages

Hard core modeling

chapter |8 pages

Towards a constitutive model for cemented granular materials

ByL.G. Margolin, B.C. Trent

chapter |8 pages

Analysis of WIPP disposal room and entryway drift intersection*

ByJ.G. Argüello

chapter |8 pages

Hydro-thermo-mechanical response of a fractured rock block

ByS. Kelkar, G. Zyvoloski

chapter |8 pages

Preliminary drift design analyses for nuclear waste repository in tuff*

ByM.P. Hardy, C.E. Brechtel, R.R. Goodrich, S.J. Bauer

part 8|33 pages


chapter |8 pages

The effects of tortuosity on flow through a natural fracture

ByA.M. Cook, L.R. Myer, N.G.W. Cook, F.M. Doyle

part 9|49 pages

In-situ testing

chapter |7 pages

In-situ fracture stiffness determination

ByG.J. Hesler, Z. Zheng, L.R. Myer

chapter |8 pages

Stress measurement in potash by overcoring CSIRO hollow inclusion stress meters

ByP. Mottahed, D.H.S. Miller, V. Ong, M. Stoakes

part 10|42 pages

Jointed rock

chapter |8 pages

Stress relief jointing in eastern Kentucky

ByG.P. Sames, N.N. Moebs

chapter |8 pages

Understanding the process of jointing in brittle rock masses

ByD.D. Pollard, S. Zeller, J. Olson, A. Thomas

chapter |8 pages

A mixed mode local symmetric fracture criterion for geo-materials

ByW.W. El-Tahan, G.H. Staab, S.H. Advani, J.K. Lee

chapter |8 pages

Geostatistical description of the joint surface roughness

ByA.M. Ferrero, G.P. Giani

chapter |8 pages

Ambiguities in estimating fractal dimensions of rock fracture surfaces

ByS.M. Miller, P.C. Mcwilliams, J.C. Kerkering

part 11|48 pages

Mechanical fragmentation

chapter |6 pages

Roof drill – New source of low-cost roof strata information

ByE.M. Frizzell, W.L. Howie, R.C. Briggs

chapter |8 pages

Drill-split mining with radial-axial loading splitters

ByS.J. Anderson

part 12|26 pages

Metal mining

chapter |8 pages

Three-dimensional analysis of a shaft pillar at the Homestake Mine

ByW.G. Pariseau, J.C. Johnson, S. Orr

chapter |8 pages

Application of a new influence function method to predict shaft behavior due to extraction

ByT. Esaki, T. Kimura, K. Shikata, M.I. Garashi

part 13|18 pages

Mine subsidence

chapter |8 pages

Sandstone escarpment stability in vicinity of longwall mining operations

ByR.E. Jones, W.G. Pariseau, V. Payne, G. Takenaka

chapter |8 pages

Rock strength and overburden changes due to subsidence over a longwall coal mining operation in Illinois

ByD.F. Brutcher, B.B. Mehnert, D.J. Van Roosendaal, R.A. Bauer

part 14|24 pages

New instruments

part 15|74 pages

New laboratory testing techniques

chapter |8 pages

Defining material response with the uniaxial-biaxial test

ByJ.F. Lupo, N.C. Patti, T.W. Thompson

chapter |7 pages

Moisture effects and the mechanical response of granite beams

ByJ.F. Labuz, D.J. Berger

chapter |8 pages

Penetration of shaped charges in stressed rock

ByP.M. Halleck, L.A. Behrmann

chapter |8 pages

Computerized tomography as a geoscience tool

ByG. Torres, V.J. Tester, J. Sharer

part 16|50 pages

Oil & gas

chapter |8 pages

Indentation by pore collapse in porous rocks

ByF.R. Suárez-Rivera, N.G.W. Cook, G.A. Cooper, Z. Zheng

chapter |8 pages

Continuous cast lining – A solution to downhole problems

ByT. Moen, F. Remvik

chapter |8 pages

Classification of treating pressures in coal fracturing

ByR.H. Morales, J.D. McLennan, A.H. Jones, R.A. Schraufnagel

chapter |8 pages

Experimental and theoretical investigation of borehole breakouts

ByA. Onaisi, J.P. Sarda, M. Bouteca

part 17|24 pages

Open pit mining

chapter |8 pages

Effects of abandoned underground workings on open pit slope design

ByR.J. Watters, E. Rehwoldt, J. Coulthard

chapter |8 pages

Mixed-material slope design: A case history

ByF.S. Kendorski, D.A. Myers, C.H. Grenot

chapter |6 pages

Rainwater inflow influence on open pit rock slope activities

ByE.H. Mandžić

part 18|42 pages

PC based modeling of practical problems

chapter |8 pages

Assessment of seismic fault-slip potential at the Strathcona Mine

ByJ.P. Tinucci, D.S.G. Hanson

chapter |8 pages

PC based modeling of rock reinforcement requirements in mine roadways

ByE. Ünal, K. Ergür

chapter |8 pages

Rock mechanics aspects of regional faulting around Creighton Mine

ByT.D. Wiles, P. MacDonald

part 20|26 pages


chapter |8 pages

Yieldable roof support for mines

ByT.F. Herbst

chapter |8 pages

Formable rock anchors – A new concept

ByJ.J. Scott

chapter |8 pages

Geotechnical design of mine shafts

ByM.H. Sadaghiani, Z.T. Bieniawski

part 22|58 pages

Rock blasting

chapter |8 pages

Rock motion simulation of confined volume blasting *

ByD.S. Preece

chapter |8 pages

Low frequency blast vibrations from Indiana surface coal mines

ByD.E. Siskind

chapter |8 pages

Optimization of rock fragmentation in bench blasting

ByN. Mojtabai, I.W. Farmer, J.P. Savely

chapter |8 pages

Fractal-based approach to determine the effect of discontinuities on blast fragmentation

ByA. Ghosh, J.J.K. Daemen, D. van Zyl

chapter |7 pages

Fractal concepts applied to bench-blast fragmentation

ByS.V. Crum

part 23|34 pages

Rock bursts

chapter |8 pages

P-Wave polarity patterns from mining-induced microseismicity in a hard-rock mine

ByS. Billington, F.M. Boler, P.L. Swanson, L.H. Estey

chapter |8 pages

Microseismic source locations: A test of faith

ByL.H. Estey, P.L. Swanson, F.M. Boler, S. Billington

chapter |8 pages

Rock burst mechanism studies at the Lucky Friday Mine

ByF.M. Jenkins, T.J. Williams, C.J. Wideman

part 24|33 pages

Rock deformation

chapter |8 pages

Physical modeling of underground structures

ByM. Khodaverdian, A.H. Jones

chapter |7 pages

Relative performance of compacted and uncompacted rockfill

ByG.M. Matheson

part 25|62 pages

The Scandinavian connection

chapter |6 pages

Use of modified doorstoppers for rock stress change monitoring

ByA.M. Myrvang, S.E. Hansen

chapter |8 pages

The optimum rock cover for subsea tunnels

ByB. Nilsen

chapter |7 pages

Rock mechanics databank for construction elements in mining

ByA. Herdocia, J. Sjöberg, A. Nyström

chapter |8 pages

Stability of pillars in the Zinkgruvan Mine – A case study

ByJ. Sjöberg, K. Tillman

chapter |8 pages

Acoustic emission and the Kaiser effect in rock materials

ByE. Nordlund, C. Li

chapter |8 pages

Three dimensional stochastic joint geometry modeling including a verification: A case study

ByH.S.W. Pinnaduwa, N.W. Deepa, O. Stephansson