This book is a compilation of proceedings that contain abstracts of all papers/posters presented at the International Echinoderm Conference held in 1984 and complete papers from those submitted for publication and accepted on the recommendations of referees.

part 1|171 pages


chapter |9 pages

Echinoderm role in the history of Phanerozoic tiering in suspension-feeding communities

ByWilliam I. Ausich, David J. Bottjer

chapter |6 pages

Bone idle — A recipe for success?

ByR.H. Emson

chapter |6 pages

Echinoderm zonation in the Rockall Trough (NE Atlantic)

ByJ.D. Gage, Margaret Pearson, D.S.M. Billett, Ailsa M. Clark, Margit Jensen, G.L.J. Paterson, P.A. Tyler

chapter |10 pages

The echinoderm fauna of the Newfoundland continental slope

ByRichard L. Haedrich, John E. Maunder

chapter |21 pages

The energetic echinoderm

ByJohn M. Lawrence

chapter |9 pages

Slow evolution in the Holectypidae, a family of echinoids

ByEdward P.F. Rose, Jane B.S. Olver

chapter |16 pages

Echinoderm fisheries of the world: A review

ByN.A. Sloan

chapter |6 pages

Gametogenic strategies in deep-sea echinoids and holothurians from the N.E. Atlantic

ByP.A. Tyler, A. Muirhead, J.D. Gage, D.S.M. Billett

chapter |7 pages

The paleobiogeography of Irish and British Lower Carboniferous blastoids

ByJ.A. Waters, G.D. Sevastopulo

chapter |3 pages

Echinodermata (Canary Islands) — Provisional check-list

ByJ.J. Bacallado, E. Moreno, A. Pérez Ruzafa

chapter |1 pages

Stability and change in the history of sea stars

ByDaniel B. Blake

chapter |1 pages

Dynamic connective tissues: The echinoderm paradigm

ByJ.P. Eylers

chapter |1 pages

Middle Cambrian echinoderms from Sweden

ByC.A.M. Franzen-Bengtson

chapter |1 pages

Echinoderms of the coral reef of New Caledonia

ByA. Guille, G. Cherbonnier, J.P. Feral, C. Vadon, P. Laboute, J.L. Menou, M. Jangoux, C. De Ridder, D. Meyer

chapter |1 pages

Biotic diseases of echinoderms

ByMichel Jangoux

chapter |1 pages

Life modes of cornute and mitrate carpoids

ByDennis R. Kolata

chapter |1 pages

Deep-sea echinoderms: A time and motion study

ByR.S. Lampitt, D.S.M. Billett

chapter |1 pages

Echinoderms of the `Cantabrico 83’ expedition off Asturias (N. Spain)

ByAlicia López-Ibor

chapter |2 pages

The Irish echinoderm fauna

ByB. O’connor, B.F. Keegan, J. Costelloe

chapter |1 pages

The early radiation of echinoderms

ByC.R.C. Paul, A.S. Smith

chapter |1 pages

Detritus as food for echinoderms

ByK.R. Tenore

part 2|31 pages


chapter |4 pages

Post-spawning behavior and early development of the comatulid crinoid, Antedon bifida

ByMarie-Christine Lahaye, Michel Jangoux

chapter |1 pages

SEM and behavioural study of the feeding system of the comatulid, Antedon bifida

ByMarie-Christine Lahaye, Michel Jangoux

part 3|192 pages


chapter |7 pages

Food selection and absorption efficiency in the spatangoid echinoid, Echinocardium cordatum (Echinodermata)

ByChantal de Ridder, Michel Jangoux, Edwinvan Impe

chapter |7 pages

The non-periodic nature of growth rings in echinoid spines

ByThomas A. Ebert

chapter |5 pages

The African sand dollar Rotula

ByJoe Ghiold

chapter |5 pages

Amoebae in tissues of diseased echinoids (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) in Nova Scotia

ByG.M. Jones, R.E. Scheibling, A.J. Hebda, R.J. Miller

chapter |2 pages

The bald-sea-urchin disease: A bacterial infection

ByPhilippe Maes, Michel Jangoux

chapter |6 pages

An investigation of the distribution of pedicellariae in Echinus esculentus (L.)

ByR. Elizabeth Ramsay, Andrew C. Campbell

chapter |6 pages

Differential mortality during the embryonic and larval lives of northeast Pacific echinoids

BySteven S. Rumrill, Fu-Shiang Chia

chapter |6 pages

Pedicellariae as a specific character in sea urchin species

BySplechtna Heinz, Helge Hilgers

chapter |7 pages

Growth retardation in the regular echinoid Echinus esculentus Linnaeus

ByMark White, Brendan F. Keegan, Yvonne Leahy

chapter |1 pages

Skeletal growth systems in echinoid larvae (Paracentrotus lividus)

ByYves de Greef, Michel Jangoux

chapter |1 pages

Fine structure of the globiferous pedicellariae of the echinoid,

Sphaerechinus granularis
ByMarianne Ghyoot, Michel Jangoux

chapter |1 pages

A comparison of sea urchin recruitment at sites on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America

ByL.G. Harris, Jonathan D. Witman, R. Rowley

chapter |1 pages

The Echinocardium-Lithocystis Association: Investigation of the host’s reactions

ByMichel Jangoux, Chantal De Ridder

chapter |1 pages

Base sequence complexity of Clypeaster and Echinocardium DNA

ByT. Yanagisawa

part 4|77 pages


chapter |13 pages

Pelagic Holothurioidea (Echinodermata) of the northeast Atlantic

ByD.S.M. Billett, B. Hansen, Q.J. Huggett

chapter |6 pages

Soluble and membrane bound peptide hydrolases of the Holothuria forskali Delle Chiaje digestive tract

ByD.B. Johnson, G.V. O’Donoghue, J.C. Donlon

chapter |6 pages

Seasonal torpor in Neopentadactyla mixta (Östergren) (Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida)

ByTimothy B. Smith, Brendan F. Keegan

chapter |1 pages

Reproductive patterns among northeast Pacific holothuroids

ByF. Scott McEuen

part 5|126 pages


chapter |4 pages

Pathways of nutrient translocation during vitellogenesis in the sea star, Asterias rubens

ByFrits B. Beijnink, Peter A. Voogt

chapter |8 pages

Fine structure and presumed functions of the gastric hemal tufts of the Asteroid, Asterias rubens L.

ByCatherine Bouland, Catherine Yourassowsky, Michel Jangoux

chapter |6 pages

Some characteristics of vitellogenic substances in the starfish Asterias rubens L.

ByJan J.S. Broertjes, Pieter De Waard, Peter A. Voogt

chapter |6 pages

The microstructure of the asteroid skeleton (Asterias rubens)

ByPhilippe Dubois, Michel Jangoux

chapter |8 pages

Variations in the growth rate of Asterias rubens (L.) from west and south Brittany (France)

ByMonique Guillou, Anne Guillaumin

chapter |6 pages

Patterns of nitrogen excretion in seven species of asteroids

ByWilliam B. Stickle

chapter |1 pages

Asexual reproduction in the sea star Stephanasterias albula

BySally F. Carson, P.V. Mladenov

chapter |1 pages

Coelomic microcanaliculae within the asteroid body-wall

ByMichel Jangoux, Philippe Dubois, Anne Lambert, Catherine Yourassowsky

chapter |1 pages

Development of the larval coelom in the asteroid, Asterias rubens

ByCatherine Yourassowsky

part 6|62 pages


chapter |5 pages

Intracellular studies on the nervous system of an echinoderm

ByJames L.S. Cobb

chapter |6 pages

Contrasting reproductive periodicities among north-eastern Pacific ophiuroids

BySteven S. Rumrill, John S. Pearse

chapter |6 pages

Interference competition between brittle-stars?

ByE.M. Sides

chapter |1 pages

The use of marine ‘key’ species in ecotoxicological testing

ByT. Bowmer, R. Roelens, B.F. Keegan

chapter |1 pages

Bioluminescence in deep and shallow water brittlestars

ByR. H. Emson, P.J. Herring

chapter |1 pages

Post-larval morphology of some N.W. European ophiuroids

ByChristine Webb