Computational Intelligence Techniques and Their Applications to Software Engineering Problems focuses on computational intelligence approaches as applicable in varied areas of software engineering such as software requirement prioritization, cost estimation, reliability assessment, defect prediction, maintainability and quality prediction, size estimation, vulnerability prediction, test case selection and prioritization, and much more. The concepts of expert systems, case-based reasoning, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, swarm computing, and rough sets are introduced with their applications in software engineering. The field of knowledge discovery is explored using neural networks and data mining techniques by determining the underlying and hidden patterns in software data sets. Aimed at graduate students and researchers in computer science engineering, software engineering, information technology, this book:

  • Covers various aspects of in-depth solutions of software engineering problems using computational intelligence techniques
  • Discusses the latest evolutionary approaches to preliminary theory of different solve optimization problems under software engineering domain
  • Covers heuristic as well as meta-heuristic algorithms designed to provide better and optimized solutions
  • Illustrates applications including software requirement prioritization, software cost estimation, reliability assessment, software defect prediction, and more
  • Highlights swarm intelligence-based optimization solutions for software testing and reliability problems

chapter 2|8 pages

Software Effort Estimation

Machine Learning vs. Hybrid Algorithms

chapter 12|8 pages

Agile Methodologies

A Performance Analysis to Enhance Software Quality