This new volume, Cognitive Computing Systems: Applications and Technological Advancements, explores the emerging area of artificial intelligence that encompasses machine self-learning, human-computer interaction, natural language processing, data mining and more. It introduces cognitive computing systems, highlights their key applications, discusses the technologies used in cognitive systems, and explains underlying models and architectures.

Focusing on scientific work for real-world applications, each chapter presents the use of cognitive computing and machine learning in specific application areas. These include the use of speech recognition technology, application of neural networks in construction management, elevating competency in education, comprehensive health monitoring systems, predicting type 2 diabetes, applications for smart agricultural technology, human resource management, and more.

With chapters from knowledgeable researchers in the area of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and allied areas, this book will be an asset for researchers, faculty, advances students, and industry professionals in many fields.

part I|189 pages

Using Assistive Learning to Solve Computationally Intense Problems

chapter Chapter 1|29 pages

High-Frequency Stochastic Data Analysis Using a Machine Learning Framework: A Comparative Study

ByLokesh Kumar Shrivastav, Ravinder Kumar

chapter Chapter 3|33 pages

Cognitive Decision-Making through an Intelligent Database Agent for Predictive Analysis

ByShivani A. Trivedi, Rebakah Jobdas

chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

A Convergence of Mining and Machine Learning: The New Angle for Educational Data Mining

ByPratiyush Guleria, Manu Sood

chapter Chapter 5|35 pages

ApnaDermato: Human Skin Disease Finder Using Machine Learning

ByTarun Methwani, Gautam Menghani, Nitin Tejuja, Hemdev Karan, Raghani Madhu

chapter Chapter 6|35 pages

Artificial Intelligence Technique for Predicting Type 2 Diabetes

ByRamyashree, P.S. Venugopala

part II|42 pages

Designing IoT-Based Smart Solutions for Monitoring and Surveillance

chapter Chapter 7|25 pages

Smart Interfaces for Development of Comprehensive Health Monitoring Systems

ByDinesh Bhatia

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

IoT-Based Smart Agriculture in India

ByAkanksha Gupta, Umang Singh

part III|31 pages

Statistical and Mathematical Model-Based Solutions

chapter Chapter 9|29 pages

Analysis of Epidemiology: Integrating Computational Models

ByDeepak Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Pooja Khurana

part IV|60 pages

Applying Neural Networks and Deep Learning Models for Cognitive Problems

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

Recent Issues with Machine Vision Applications for Deep Network Architectures

ByNaresh Kumar

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Applications of Backpropagation and Conjugate Gradient Neural Networks in Structural Engineering

ByS. Varadharajan, Kirthanashri S. Vasanthan, Shwetambara Verma, Priyanka Singh

chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

Application of Neural Networks in Construction Management

ByS. Varadharajan, Kirthanashri S. Vasanthan, Shwetambara Verma, Priyanka Singh

part V|76 pages

Speech and NLP Applications in Cognition

chapter Chapter 13|22 pages

Speech Recognition Fundamentals and Features

ByGurpreet Kaur, Mohit Srivastava, Amod Kumar

chapter Chapter 14|52 pages

Natural Language Processing

ByV. Vishnuprabha, Lino Murali, Daleesha M. Viswanathan